Your Relationship with Chapman represented by Taylor Swift songs

Taylor Swift can fillet the feelings of young women and girls so well that at times it seems she has a song for every single phase and event of our lives. In fact, there is a Taylor Swift song to represent every phase of our relationship with Chapman. See below:

Let’s go!

Love Story

We were both young when I first saw you

When you first toured Chapman’s campus (or looked up the gorgeous pictures online), you were immediately in love. Just like Swift in her Love Story music video, you started to fantasize about all the amazing opportunities, friends, parties, and fun you would have at college. And Chapman would be right there by your side – the Romeo to your Juliet. Your dad might have thrown a fit and said “stay away” to Chapman after seeing the tuition cost. In the end, however, Chapman one you and your parents over. After all, it’s a Love Story, baby: Just say yes.

You running to Chapman.

Blank Space

I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name

You’ve received all your acceptance letters and it’s time to decide where to go to college. Chapman’s been at the top of your list for a while now. You can really only picture yourself at Chapman. So you decide, it’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames. You’ll know when it’s over, if the high was worth the pain. You pay your deposit and get ready to move to Orange.

But wait, the worst is yet to come.

Everything Has Changed

All I know since yesterday is, everything has changed

You spent your first night in your dorm room and in a completely new world. Your parents are far away, two other random people are sleeping in beds next to you, and people were still walking around and playing basketball at midnight. You may not know much, but you know one thing for sure – everything has changed.

When everything hits you.

Shake It Off

But I keep cruising, can’t stop won’t stop moving

It’s like I got this music in my mind sayin’ “it’s gonna be alright”

Once you were accepted and definitely attending Chapman, you started thinking about classes. You’ve spent the past month calling admissions, looking up recommended courses for your major, and trying to navigate MyChapman. Now, your Shopping Cart is full with only the best and most best interesting classes you could find. The time has come to register, but a yellow triangle has appeared next to every course, except for your FFC. That’s right, you’ve been waitlisted. But hey, it’s no big deal. “The players gonna play,” right? You’re just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off.

Look What You Made Me Do

I don’t like your little games

Don’t like your tilted stage

The role you made me play

Of the fool, no, I don’t like you

You’re in the thick of the semester. You have four midterms this week, including a lab midterm, and your first two essays, one for that class you know you should have dropped. You’re not really liking Chapman right about now. Your classes are demanding your full attention, making you skip parties, lunch dates, Disneyland trips and beach days. Chapman’s forcing you to get smarter and harder, and just in the nick of time, since your first midterm is tomorrow morning.

Bad Blood

‘Cause baby now we got bad blood

You know we used to be mad love

So take a look at what you’ve done

‘Cause baby now we got bad blood

Finally, your freshman year is almost over. Now, you get to decide where you want to live and who you want to live with. You and your future roomate(s) have been talking for the past month and you all settled on a dorm you’re happy with. You received your sign up time, which ended up being on the last day. You were a little worried that there would be slim pickings, but now, the day before your sign up time, you just got an email informing you that Sandhu (the most expensive dorm and the only one without a kitchen) is the only one available. The POV of you and Chapman right now? Similar to Iraq.


Everything will be alright if

we just keep dancing like we’re, 22

It’s Senior Year! You’ve turned 22 and you’ve realized that you are happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. Senior year is both miserable and magical. The stress of finding a real job in the real world seems overwhelming and scary. And it constantly feels like the perfect night to forget about the deadlines and have breakfast at midnight. But have as many of “those nights” as possible, since this is your last year in college.

Out of the Woods

Are we out of the woods yet?

Are we out of the woods yet?

Are we out of the woods yet?

Are we out of the woods?

Are we in the clear yet?

Are we in the clear yet?

Are we in the clear yet?

In the clear yet?


It’s the final semester and you’re just about ready to bounce. You’re motivation is at an all time low. Between applying to jobs and figuring out where you’re going to live next year, it’s hard to get yourself to still show up to class. Chapman’s been great and you’ve had a good run, but you can’t help constantly asking yourself, Have I graduated yet?

You running away from your responsibilities.


You were the best thing, that’s ever been mine

As graduation approaches, you become sentimental. All of a sudden, your taking graduation pictures and doing things “for the last time.” You got bills to pay and nothing figured out, but that doesn’t stop you from seizing every opportunity, including going to Disneyland and the D every single weekend. (There are only a handful of Thirsty Thursdays left!) You begin to brace yourself for goodbye. Do you believe it?

Your graduation pictures


We never go out of style

The graduation ceremony has ended and you’re are now an alumni. You have that James Dean, daydream look in your eye. Your hard times with Chapman are blurred by the amazing memories you’ve made over the past four years. You may miss Chapman while you’re out in the real world, but that’s okay. Just throw on that white (Chapman) t-shirt and a tight little skirt, because you and Chapman never go out of style.

Looking back at your time at Chapman like

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Which Food Delivery App is Fastest and Cheapest?

About 57 percent of food delivery app users are between the ages of 18 and 34, according to a 2018 global consumer survey by Statista. Photo by Karley Wilson.

We called three different delivery apps on Feb. 3 at the same time with the same order: Bring egg rolls to Henley Hall.

We wanted to measure their delivery speed, cost, fees and the condition of the food when it arrived. On that last score, all the deliveries scored equally as the egg rolls arrived hot and crispy. But we had surprises in the other categories.

Location ordered to: 535 North Grand, Orange, CA

Restaurant ordered from: Nguyen’s Kitchen (2 Miles Away)

Item ordered: Eggrolls

Price: $2.95


Postmates is popular among college students because the company distributes a lot of free delivery codes. But, if you don’t have one, small cart and  delivery fees can add up quickly. Those charges made it the most expensive app to order from.


UberEats often seems convenient because of the lack of a small cart fee. However, delivery prices are usually pretty steep even for places close by.


DoorDash was the underdog. Neither of us had tried it before so we didn’t have high expectations. What a surprise! They creamed the other apps in delivery speed and cost and was our surprise winner.


College is all about saving money efficiently, so it’s always nice to know which app can give you the best deal. When it comes to these top food apps to rely on for the night’s meal, DoorDash provided the cheapest and fastest delivery. 

*A small cart fee is a fee that’s added to an order if it is under a certain price. Postmates adds a $1.99 fee if your order is under $12 and DoorDash adds a $2.00 fee if your order is under $9. UberEats doesn’t have one.

Graphics by Vi Nguyen on Canva.

Seven Real Stories of Nightmare Roommates You Never Want to Have

Leaving the nest is one of the most exciting things in life for some college students. After years of living under Mom and Dad’s rules, it is time to fly away. However, there is unexpected stress that comes with going to college and living with a complete stranger that may or may not be a crazy person. Some students get lucky and become best friends with their roommates. Others, not so much.

We asked seven Chapman students about some of their nightmare roommate stories and let’s just say, living with your parents might be a better option than any of these.

   1. The Aimless Yacker

“I knew he was really drunk, but then he started belching, and that’s when I knew he was going to yack. I didn’t know he would throw up on my toothbrush though.” ~ Tyler Brook, junior data analytics major.

When you can wash the toothbrush but you can’t wash off the things that happened to the toothbrush.

   2. The One Who Needs Anger Management Therapy

“She and her boyfriend would get in these wildly intense fights, even over the phone. They would throw clothes at each other. One time, she got so mad she threw her phone in the pool and just didn’t retrieve it.” ~ Torian Mylott, junior peace studies major.

When the only way to not hear their yelling is to yell louder than them.

   3. The Pottery Barn Interior Designer

“She forced me to buy a $30 wall decoration because my side of the room wasn’t Pottery Barn enough for her, but when it came in the mail, it was printed on computer paper. She freaked out when I took it down a week later.” ~ Grace Papish, junior vocal and broadcast journalism major.

When you have to assert your status as the dominant roommate. 

   4. The One That Pitched a Tent in the Room

“It was absurd … I knew she was trying to avoid talking to people, but I didn’t think she’d go out and get a tent to avoid us and literally isolate herself. She ghosted us all, and after that, she just left.” ~ Jordan Garth, sophomore health sciences major.

When you don’t want to face your problems so you hide from them. 

   5. The Oblivious Smoker

“I had a cold and a migraine, and she just decided to stand directly in front of me and blow a puff of weed in my face. Then she was confused as to why I was pissed.” ~ Justin B, sophomore strategic and corporate communications major.

When there’s too much breathable air in the room and your roommate takes it upon themself to fumigate. 

   6. The One Who Thinks He’s Doing Well … But He’s Not

“I came back to my dorm and he cleaned the room, which was sweet, but then everything was rearranged and I found out he threw away the remote to my Apple TV. Thanks a lot bro!” ~ Gunner Acevis, senior business major.

When your good intentions just aren’t enough. 

   7. The One Who Can’t Handle Alcohol

“He was so drunk, and all he wanted was a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So I went to go make him one, and I look away for two seconds and he’s falling down. I had to help him get up and he threw up all over me.” ~ Devon Hernandez, senior business administration major.

When you decide it’s someone else’s turn to carry you.