The Best Boba Near You

Squishy tapioca balls and creamy sweet milk tea have been an obsession since they originated from Taiwanese street vendors. Bubble tea, or boba, was invented in the late ’80s, most likely in Taipei, according to Food and Wine. It has slowly made its way from the Taiwanese night markets to the cities and communities around us today.

Going out for boba is a common way students will spend their time together. We’ve rounded up a couple of the best boba shops in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas based on the high quality teas, great textured boba, and aesthetic looks.

T-Milk, Orange


162 N Glassell St #A, Orange, CA 92866


Sunday – Thursday: 11AM-10PM

Friday-Saturday: 11AM-10PM

Phone number:




T-milk’s Tiramisu Milk Tea, the perfect combination of sweet and salty.
Photo by Julia Ha

If you don’t have a car and are desperately craving boba, T-Milk is ready to serve you! Located inside the Orange Circle across from The Pie Hole, T-Milk serves unique and diverse toppings such as chia, caramel boba, egg pudding, yogurt jelly, coffee jelly, and red bean to add flavor to any boba drink of your choice.

 Zero Degrees, Westminster


9822 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683


Monday – Friday: 12PM-11PM

Saturday – Sunday: 11AM-11PM

Phone number:




Zero Degrees serve all kinds of drinks including a variety of toppings.
Photo by Jasmine Liu

Have a hard time making decisions? Zero Degrees allows you to pick two flavors and puts it in a split cup so you get the best of both worlds. Don’t forget to check out their trendy food as well; from Hot Cheetos cheese fries to popcorn chicken, you may have a hard time choosing between those as well.

 Pulp Juice Bar, Orange


1525 E Katella Ave, Orange, CA 92867


Monday – Saturday: 7AM-8PM

Sunday: 8AM-7PM

Phone number:




An oolong milk tea boba served in their signature bag.
Photo Courtesy of Josie Tiffany

This boba is made fresh by the baristas in a cute little bag instead of a cup. Aside from boba, Pulp Juice Bar also serves fresh juice, smoothies, and acai bowls. All you need to do is sit down in one of the comfy couches, play some board games, and enjoy your drink!

Omomo Tea Shoppe, Irvine


5365 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604


Monday, Wednesday-Sunday: 11AM-10PM

Tuesday: Closed

Phone number:




Omomo’s matcha cortado and milk tea with tiramisu cream boba.
Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Liu

Not only are Omomo’s boba drinks very Instagram worthy and pleasing to the eye, but their tiramisu and cheese foam will add the perfect sweet and creamy flavor to your drink of choice. Their most popular combinations are Ceylon Milk Tea with Tiramisu foam and Matcha Latte with Cheese foam.

Little Fluffy Head, Downtown LA


203 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014


Monday – Sunday: 11AM-10PM

Phone number:





Matcha boba with cheese foam and oolong boba tea with cheese foam.
Photo Courtesy of Josie Tiffany

If you happen to be exploring the artsy murals and streets of Downtown LA, stop by Little Fluffy Head for the best cheese foam. It’s like a cheesecake in boba form; what could be better?

Roasting Water, Garden Grove


12035 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92843


Monday – Thursday: 7:30AM-10PM

Friday – Saturday: 7:30AM – 11PM

Sunday: 9AM-10PM

Phone number:





Roasting Water’s milk tea, coffee, and thai iced tea bobas in their signature bottles.
Photo Courtesy of Josie Tiffany

Roasting Water is a cute and aesthetically pleasing boba shop in the area. They are most well-known for their unique presentation. Not only does the boba drinks taste amazing, but your order comes in a reusable glass or plastic bottle with cute seasonal designs.

Ding Tea, Tustin


13820 Red Hill Ave, Tustin, CA 92780


Sunday – Thursday: 11AM-10PM

Friday- Saturday: 11AM-11PM

Phone number:




Ding Tea’s most popular drink: signature milk tea with boba.
Photo Courtesy of Josie Tiffany

Ding Tea is most well-known for their unique and tasty golden boba. They also have a wide selection of drinks, from milk tea, fruity tea, yakult, coffee, and hot drinks.

Sharetea, Santa Ana


3940 S Bristol St #113, Santa Ana, CA 92704


Sunday – Thursday: 12PM-10PM

Friday – Saturday: 12PM-11PM

Phone number:




Sharetea’s passion fruit tea with boba, black tea, black milk tea, and strawberry ice blended with lychee jelly and icecream. Photo by Julia Ha

Besides already being perfectly sweet, a perk is you are able to choose the sweetness of your drink and amount of ice. Personalize it to make your boba worth your money!

Almond Haus, Garden Grove


12549 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840


Monday – Saturday: 9AM-10PM

Sunday: 9AM-9PM

Phone Number:




Not only does Almond Haus have one of the best boba drinks in the area, but they offer numerous dairy-free drinks such as almond milk tea, coconut thai milk tea, and more. Almond Haus is the perfect for people who love milk tea boba but prefer not to consume dairy.

Navigating the Grid: How to Survive Chapman without a Car

Photos (left and center) by Alexander Popov on
Photo (right) by Joe Perrino.

Surviving college without a car in Southern California is like surviving at sea in a boat without sails or oars.

Being carless may be eco-correct (check out our teeny weeny carbon footprints!) but being virtuous has its frustrations. Going to the beach involves begging friends for rides. Grocery shopping can feel impossible: Do we hitchhike to Trader Joe’s or eat that rancid jar of peanut butter for dinner?

Turns out there are lots of us. Almost one-third of Chapman students, including both undergraduate and graduate, do not have a parking pass, according to the 2013 Transportation Audit from Chapman Sustainability. For these few thousand students without cars, here are some ways they can solve everyday inconveniences.

1) Getting to School

Students who live in the dorms have the luxury of walking across the street to campus. Likewise, all it takes for students at Chapman Grand and Panther Village to get to class is a quick shuttle ride. But if you live off campus, you need to figure out a reliable way to get to class.

Solution: One of the easiest ways to get to campus is taking the OC Transit bus. The 59 bus stops at the corner of Glassell and Palm right next to Smith Hall. Chapman offers a U-Pass plan, which covers the first $30 of your monthly bus fares after you submit an initial deposit of $30. This is a year-long bus pass and the most you have to pay per month (excluding the initial deposit) is $15.

2) Grocery Shopping

One of the hardest tasks to accomplish without a car is shopping for groceries.

Solution: Prevail upon a friend to take you when they go shopping.  Offer some incentives like gas money or cold, hard cash. For immediate needs, try Amazon Fresh, Instacart, or Postmates. These services help you skip the checkout line and hassle of getting to the store. Unfortunately, none of these offer student discounts, but you can become a Postmates Munchies Requisition Officer. If you decide to do this, there are many free meal perks Postmates offers.

3) Navigating Southern California

We’re in SoCal! Naturally, we want to visit L.A. and bask on the beach. But how do we get there?

Solution: Obvious choices are rideshare apps such as  Uber or Lyft.  There is also carpooling with friends. But one of the best options is right by campus. MetroLink offers a $10 roundtrip train to the San Diego area on the weekends. Trains also go up to Los Angeles every day. If you are going to the airport or a concert try the CU Panther Experience App. This app allows Chapman students to connect with one another, and is commonly used for carpooling.

4) Attending Club Meetings and School Events

It’s around 7 p.m, and the buses have started coming every 50 minutes, but there is a speaker on campus you have been DYING to see.

Solution: Consider not even going home after your day-time classes. Instead, head over to the library and get a jump start on your school work. There are also coffee shops and restaurants in the circle that make great hang out spots.

5) Getting a meal

You’ve opened your fridge and your worst nightmare has come true…you are out of food! Your hunger demands immediate resolution.

Solution: There are many food delivery companies that provide service in the Los Angeles area. These include Doordash, Uber Eats and the aforementioned Postmates. In an article from Prowl, two students compared which food delivery services reached the dorms the fastest. While this is not about the dorms, the same factors apply. Go check out that article to see which delivery service can satisfy your hunger.

6) Catching That Flight

Even if you had a car, parking at an airport for an extended period of time is tough on the wallet.

Solution: One of the best ways to get to John Wayne Airport is the Chapman Shuttle. They offer free rides to Chapman students all day Friday and Saturday before every break. Unfortunately, they do not offer this service to LAX, so in that case you can try to hitch a ride with someone from the Chapman Experience App, or any ridesharing service such as Uber, Lyft, or Wingz.