How to Avoid Movie and TV Spoilers

Some whistleblowers relish ruining the element of surprise. Others simply have no self-control, accidentally spilling the endings of movies and shows you’re dying to see in person and online. This season, the movies “Endgame,” and “Us,” and the HBO show “Game of Thrones,” have all had epic, suspenseful twists. How to stay clear of spoilsports that ruin the movie or show for you in this age of viewing on demand? Here are some tips and tricks to keep your ears safe and spoiler-free.

Mute Keywords

Twitter is the birthplace of spoilers, so muting fan accounts there is a must. Also mute keywords that may be used in spoiler tweets. Perfect grammar is optional on social media, so be sure to include different spelling variations of your favorite characters and films. “Game of Throwns” anyone?

  1. Go to Notifications.
  2. Click on Settings in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Click on Muted Accounts or Muted Words.
  4. Add any TV show, movie, character, news, fan accounts you please. 

See No More

Safari allows you to choose “muted words” under your content preferences. Google Chrome, has many extensions that will block spoilers, including one that is actually called “Spoiler Protection 2.0.” This extension helps you to hide spoilers what you don’t want to see on your screen. You can hide spoilers from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, News Sites, and more.

Enter keywords in this extension and they will be blocked from any website you go to or that pops up. You can also direct the extension  to block or mute images, photos, video previews and YouTube thumbnails.

Invest in Noise-Canceling Earplugs

If your friends won’t swear not to divulge the ends of shows you haven’t yet had a chance to see, fill your ears with cement or buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Too, you could just avoid conversation all together.

Take a Social Media Break

Delete the risk of revelation full send by deleting Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Wear a “I haven’t seen it” t-shirt every time you go out

Advertise your wish to remain in ignorance by wearing an “I haven’t seen it!” T-shirt. Rely on the goodwill of others to respect your declared wishes.

Run away from the conversation

The second you hear any mention about what you haven’t seen, start running. No time for explaining, just barge out the door. Go full “Forrest Gump” and never return. Keep running and running until you’re out of the range of conversation.

Make it known everytime you walk in the room

Make yourself the center of attention by standing on the nearest table and announcing that you haven’t seen it. Make the room go silent so that no one can start a convo that can potentially ruin your favorite series. To be safe, when you walk in the room immediately let them know what’s going on. Bust down the door if you have to.

Go off the grid

Go full Thoreau and move alone to a cabin without electricity in the wilderness. You might just discover there are more compelling pursuits than finding out a a beloved Avenger dies at the conclusion of “Endgame.”

See it already!

Take the time to sit down and watch the whole thing. Now you know the end of the story. What are you going to do now?




Which Food Delivery App is Fastest and Cheapest?

About 57 percent of food delivery app users are between the ages of 18 and 34, according to a 2018 global consumer survey by Statista. Photo by Karley Wilson.

We called three different delivery apps on Feb. 3 at the same time with the same order: Bring egg rolls to Henley Hall.

We wanted to measure their delivery speed, cost, fees and the condition of the food when it arrived. On that last score, all the deliveries scored equally as the egg rolls arrived hot and crispy. But we had surprises in the other categories.

Location ordered to: 535 North Grand, Orange, CA

Restaurant ordered from: Nguyen’s Kitchen (2 Miles Away)

Item ordered: Eggrolls

Price: $2.95


Postmates is popular among college students because the company distributes a lot of free delivery codes. But, if you don’t have one, small cart and  delivery fees can add up quickly. Those charges made it the most expensive app to order from.


UberEats often seems convenient because of the lack of a small cart fee. However, delivery prices are usually pretty steep even for places close by.


DoorDash was the underdog. Neither of us had tried it before so we didn’t have high expectations. What a surprise! They creamed the other apps in delivery speed and cost and was our surprise winner.


College is all about saving money efficiently, so it’s always nice to know which app can give you the best deal. When it comes to these top food apps to rely on for the night’s meal, DoorDash provided the cheapest and fastest delivery. 

*A small cart fee is a fee that’s added to an order if it is under a certain price. Postmates adds a $1.99 fee if your order is under $12 and DoorDash adds a $2.00 fee if your order is under $9. UberEats doesn’t have one.

Graphics by Vi Nguyen on Canva.