Labor union protest fails to gain Chapman’s attention

Despite holding signs two-car-lengths long daily for over a month, the Carpenters Local 2361 labor union protest has failed to gain much attention at Chapman.

Local 2361 alleges that the Chapman-contracted R.D Olson Construction, building the Villa Park Orchard Residential on North Cypress Street, underpays their employees.

Their signs read “LABOR DISPUTE COMING SOON” and those participating in the demonstration are asked to pass out fliers, but are not allowed to give any additional information or answer questions.

We asked Chapman students, a sign holder, and a professor their opinions on the labor dispute and also their feelings on labor unions overall.


How to survive finals week

While some may argue that finals week is one of the most stressful at Chapman, don’t despair! Check out these five traditions that bring happiness and positivity to Chapman students in the midst of testing doom.


1. Midnight Breakfast

Set up by the University Program Board, Midnight Breakfast is the perfect excuse to take a study break and refuel. Located in the Student Union in Argyros Forum, Midnight Breakfast begins at 10 pm and lasts until midnight. University Program Board provides free food, and performances from student groups, like the dance team and the acapella groups to re-energize students.This year, the theme of Midnight Breakfast is The Final Frontier, so fly on in and have some fun. May the Force be with you.


2. Furry Friends for Finals

Who doesn’t love dogs? And who doesn’t want to roll around on the ground with their friends while petting dogs instead of studying??? Every semester, Active Minds and the Student Psychological Counseling Services at Chapman bring Furry Friends onto campus to relieve our minds from the stresses of finals, projects, and papers. These furry friends are therapy dogs that are trained to bring comfort and support to students all over campus. Keep an eye out for more information on which dates the pups will be on campus.



3. Undie Run

Although it is not specifically run by the university, Undie Run has been a long running tradition. On the Wednesday of Finals Week at midnight, students gather in their underwear or fun costumes and run through the circle of Orange. Since the event is well know, students from other schools and other residents of Orange also attend. It is important to stay safe and be respectful of the city of Orange. While this is a thrilling event, it is crucial to understand that you are not only representing yourself while participating, but also Chapman University.



4. Library Extended Hours

During Finals Week, the library slowly becomes our new homes. Throughout the whole week, the library is open 24 hours so we can officially move in. Study rooms and printing services are also available and there is a Cookie Service Table, where students can find cookies scattered throughout the floors of the library. There is also free coffee available to students from 7am to 7pm in the library as well. Make sure to give yourself plenty of breaks and get some sleep as well.




The Student Union in Argyros Forum is filled with fun activities, such as free massages, scantrons, and free fitness classes. The fitness classes are kickboxing, yoga, barre, and zuma. Exercising is really important in reducing stress during such a hectic time. Also in Argyros Forum, come relax with free movies and snacks. Finally, for those who want to stay closer to the dorms, the Randall Dining Commons provides free food for students who are up studying late.

Did someone say FREE?


For more helpful tips on how to survive Finals Week, check out this article on how to practice Self Care.

What to do this summer in the OC

1. Segerstrom Center for the Arts: Free Movie Mondays-Costa Mesa

During the summer, the Segerstrom Center for the Arts hosts family movie nights on select Mondays. Check out the list of movies that will be playing this summer here. These fun screenings are presented on an outside movie screen, allowing families and friends to enjoy the beautiful views of Orange County. The center screens older movies in the hopes of making old classics popular again. Guests are encouraged to bring food and enjoy a picnic of their own, but the events are also serviced by food trucks.

600 Town Center Dr, Costa Mesa, CA, USA +1 714 556 2787


2. Surf City Nights Street Fair-Huntington Beach

Every Tuesday night, the streets of Huntington Beach are flooded with people and families for a free street fair. Listen to live music performed by local street performers. From farmers and artisans, to more expensive vendors, the streets are packed with sellers and food for a fun and energetic summer night.

Main St, Huntington Beach, CA, USA +1 714 536 8300


3. Santa Ana Art Walk

On the first Saturday of every month, the Art Walk occurs in Downtown Santa Ana. Multiple art galleries welcome families and locals to roam through these galleries and admiring local artists’ work with free admission. Outside of the galleries, vendors and other sellers line the streets, offering arts and crafts for visitors to purchase. Food vendors and live music fill the streets of Santa Ana and bring happiness on a warm summer’s day.

207 N Broadway Ave, Santa Ana, CA, USA


4. Dana Point Summer Concert Series

The Dana Point Summer Concert Series are outdoor free summer concerts. These concerts take place throughout July and August and are held at various locations. Each concert has a different feel and vibe to it, making each event special and unique. Enjoy the beautiful views of Dana Point and the ocean while listening to some of your favorite artists. Some previous bands and artists who have performed were BOSTYX, Peaceful Easy, Fan Halen, Led ZepAgain, and winner of the Voice, Craig Wayne Boyd.


5. Explore the Beaches of Orange County

Orange County is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in California and what’s better than having the opportunity to explore these beaches? Some of the most popular beaches are Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Corona Del Mar State Beach. These beaches can be found up and down the coast and have some of the best views, opportunities to explore, and soft white sand.



Seven Ways to Practice Self Care

When we’re overwhelmed from balancing schoolwork, jobs, extracurriculars and a social life, we sometimes forget to take the time to look after our own well-being. Here are seven ways to promote self-care, as prescribed by Dani Smith, director of the campus program Proactive Education Encouraging Responsibility, or P.E.E.R.

1. Stay hydrated

“Drinking water provides long-term results such as improved physical health and a stronger immune system,” Smith said. To add more water into your diet, try buying a reusable water bottle. Companies such as Swell Bottle, Hydroflask, and Camelbak are popular sources of these bottles. There are also free phone apps such as My Water Balance, Drink Water Reminder N Tracker, and Water Reminder, that remind you to drink water and help track how much you drink in a day.

2. Get active

Exercise can relieve stress, reduce depression and improve cognitive function, according to The American Psychological Association. When you exercise, your body interprets a moment of stress and releases specific proteins and endorphins to minimize the discomfort of working out and make you feel happier — ever heard of the runner’s high? Taking just 20 minutes out of your day to exercise, will help you gain self-confidence and improve your physical health.

Chapman offers several workout classes that provide a fun and easy way to stay in shape. These classes are typically held in Argyros Forum, and more information can be found in Dean Price’s weekly emails. If you can’t find time in your schedule to attend one of these classes, check out this video for some simple exercises you can do right in your dorm room.

3. Ditch technology

Our use of technology in our everyday lives can create a lot of unnecessary stress. Whether it is from comparing our lives to “Instagram influencers,” paying bills online or reading about politics, the internet can create a lot of negative emotions. When we allow these stressors to affect our lives, we risk developing a lack of sleep, depression or anxiety. “I think that if we give ourselves a technology break, not only are we going to be able to relax, we’re also going to maybe learn to communicate better face-to-face with people,“ Smith said. Shut off your computers or leave your phone at home for an hour every day, and instead go do something outdoors to allow your mind to recharge and relax.

4. Enhance your social life

As a college student, it is not uncommon to feel like you have no control over your life. It is important to surround yourself with people who love you and want to see you succeed. When affiliated with like-minded people, this will “improve social and/or spiritual health and increase resistance to the negative effects of life changes,” Smith said. Find people who have similar interests as you and join clubs on campus. Using websites such as or just talking to strangers in the line at Starbucks might just lead you to meeting your new best friend.


5. Express how you feel

Going to college can be a rocky transition for many people. It means leaving home, maybe even traveling to a new state or country, and often times you may feel lost and disconnected. When you feel stressed and your mind begins to feel cluttered, take it out on a journal. Write down your thoughts every night before you go to bed. Edward A. Charlesworth and Ronald Nathan share in their book “Stress Management,” that “journaling increases your self-esteem and self-respect.”

6. Sing out loud

What’s better than jamming out to your favorite songs? Nothing. Channel your inner Beyoncè by taking a break from your long day and having a dance party all by yourself. Singing releases endorphins which then increases oxygen flow to your blood, causing your mood to improve. Charlesworth and Nathan state that, “listening or singing to music will cause positive long-term results, such as increased self-esteem and self-confidence.”

7. Get some Zs

Although medical professionals have repeatedly stressed the importance of sleep, college students don’t seem to prioritize it in their daily routines. It is crucial that we let our bodies heal and recharge themselves after a long day. Not getting enough sleep can cause depression, age your skin and cause weight gain, proven in a study by Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of St. Thomas. Charlesworth and Nathan said that when we get enough sleep, “we improve our physical health and our bodies’ resistance to fight against diseases and other illnesses.”


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Taylor Davis talks Tara in the Night


Taylor Davis. Photo by Lauren Belzer (@lobelz)

Since August, junior television and writing production major Taylor Davis, has been running her online clothing company, Tara in the Night. Davis knew that she wanted to create something special that identified with who she was as a young woman and allowed other girls to express who they were as well. “It is something that I feel is really important for me to identify who I am through my clothes,” Davis said. As a full time student, Davis discusses the challenges of managing a brand all by herself and having to deal with the rigorous academics of Chapman. “School comes first of course, but definitely whenever I have a free moment, that’s not school, I work on Tara as much as I can,” Davis said. With her new line of clothing from Tara in the Night out now called Desert Capsule, Davis hopes to expand her business and promote her clothes at the Coachella Music Festival in a few weeks.


Tara in the Night logo. Illustration by Taylor Davis

Where did the name Tara in the Night come from?

I knew I wanted part of my name in the title, and my middle name is Quitara, so I took the end part of that and then I wanted something more to it than just Tara. I looked up the meaning behind the name Tara, and found out that Tara is a kind of goddess who comes out of a lotus flower at night and watches over people. The Goddess Tara is a powerful and strong being and I knew that that is an important message to impact other women and when I wear clothes that make me feel like me, I feel more empowered in myself.


A model wearing a Tara in the Night Jacket. Photo by Taylor Davis

What was the moment in your life where you knew this was what you wanted to do?

When I was younger, my grandma had taught me how to sew and I instantly fell in love. I had made a jacket for my little in my sorority, and people started to come up to me and tell me how much they loved the jacket and how badly they wanted one. I had so much fun making them and it was something that I really enjoyed, so I thought it would be really great to get involved and start making this into something real. At the time, I also needed an internship for over the summer, and this was a great way for me to do something that I love.

Where do you get your inspiration for your clothes?

A large part of my inspiration comes from my life and the people around me. I am always researching upcoming fashion trends and brands. I think also one of the biggest things, is how vintage fashion is making a come back, but in a more modern way, so I really like incorporating those styles into my clothes as well.  


A model wearing a Tara in the Night Jacket. Photo by Taylor Davis

How do you exploit your clothing and come up with a price point?

All of my clothes are sold through my website online right now and I have also collaborated with the House of the Arts program at Chapman, to have pop up shops for my clothes, where students have been able to purchase some of the clothes in person. As for price point, I try and create a price point that is more on the affordable side. My prices range from $34 for a T-shirt to around $144 for a printed jean jacket. I try to look at it from my own point of view and think how much would I pay for something like this. I think the uniqueness and the individuality of my clothes also gives me an edge that can allow my items to be sold for a little more than you might find at a regular brand name store. 

What are some of your future goals for Tara in the Night?

Some of my goals are to start getting my clothes into some boutiques in Orange, Los Angeles, or on Melrose. A long term goal for myself is to have my own store or to be a brand in an already very known store, such as Urban Outfitters.


What has been your most valuable lesson while running this company?

The most valuable lesson that I have learned is how to budget and manage my time. Becoming more profitable especially within this last month, I have learned how to be realistic with accomplishing certain goals within a time period.

Best Dorm Workouts

College is an amazing time in our young lives. We get to experience so many new things, such as living on our own and finally feeling like a true, independent adult.

Meme Creation Courtesy of: Maddie Jacobs

But one of the main things that college students forget is to exercise. It can seem like another task to add onto your already busy life with studying, attending class, and figuring out your future.

Photo Courtesy of:

Unless you’re a student-athlete, you may be struggling to find simple workouts that will actually motivate you to workout. Gyms on campus are always crowded, and aren’t we all overwhelmed by the major athletes who are there lifting huge weights? Because I know I am.

Meme Creation Courtesy of: Maddie Jacobs

Overcrowded and smelly gyms are not always the right move for people. You can become fit and healthy in your own cozy and cluttered dorm room, far away from the intense rhino-sized guys lifting huge weights. Working out in the calmness of your own dorm, can eliminate distractions and allow you to have fun by yourself or even when working out with your roommate! Here are some exercises you can do with two 5-pound weights, 5 feet of floor space, in around 20 minutes. Have a healthy day!


In this simple ab-workout, start off by doing 20 regular crunches. Follow that with 15 cross leg diagonal crunches on your right and left legs. Turn over onto your forearms and hold a plank for 30 seconds to a minute. While holding the plank, dip your hips from side to side, making sure you feel it in your oblique muscles. Dip your hips for 30 seconds. Then turn onto your side and hold a side plank for 30 seconds. To make the side plank more challenging, extend one leg. Turn back over onto your hands and do mountain climbers for 30 seconds. Moving your legs at a diagonal will focus on your core and oblique muscles. Almost there! Lay on your back and do flutter kicks and scissor kicks for around 30 seconds. Finally, by sitting on your butt, extend your legs out and in in a knee hug. Do 10-20 reps. You can repeat this whole set 2 times to get a harder workout.


Start off this workout on all fours and extend one of your legs out to the side, pretending to be a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Repeat this exercise 20 times on both legs. Kick your leg out into a back leg drive and do 15 reps. Keep your leg up, and make small pulsing motions for 30 seconds on each leg. Stand up and do 15-20 regular squats. Hold the squat position and pulse for 30 seconds.

After the regular squats, kick out your leg and squat down, repeating this exercise on both legs. Perform this exercise 10-15 times on both legs. Finish off this workout with 15-20 curtsy squats on both legs. Repeat this workout 2 times for a harder burn!


This arm workout involves very light 5 lb dumbbell weights. If you do not have access to weights, use a textbook or something heavy in your room to improvise. Begin holding the dumbbells to the side of your body and curling up. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times. Extend your arms out and raise them up and down slow and controlled. Repeat 10-15 times. Start with the dumbbells at your side and curl them up, as if you were doing a bicep curl. Then continue, by extending your arms all the way up. Repeat 10-15 times. Finally, for the last exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend down diagonally as if to drop the dumbbell on the floor, and come back up with the weight in your hand. Repeat this on both sides and do this exercise 20 times (10 on each side). Repeat this workout by doing another set to make it harder or by increasing the weight.


For the last round of workouts, it is very important to do cardio and get the blood and muscles flowing. Start with 30 jumping jacks and then go directly into jump roping. Pretend you are jump roping for 30-45 seconds and then follow that with high knees. Keep your knees up and move your legs as fast as you can. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds. Using any furniture in your room such as a chair or a small seat, step up onto the furniture for leg step-ups. Do 15-20 reps on each leg. Using the same furniture, perform squat jumps, by jumping up onto the surface and squatting. Do this exercise 10-15 times. Repeat this set 2 to 3 times to get a more intense cardio workout.