Subscriptions you need based off of your major

It’s nice to have something to look forward to, and almost everyone loves getting mail. So, a membership to any “subscription box” could be a refreshing surprise each month. The remaining question, is which box to subscribe to? Below are suggested monthly subscriptions for various majors.

Film Majors

Show Biz In A Box

What it costs: $30 per month

What’s inside: Interesting scripts, books, tips, production notices, celebrity contact info and more

Why it’s perfect for film students: It makes anyone who receives it feel like a show business insider and is sure to excite movie fans. Get it here.

English Majors

Book of the Month

What it costs: $12.50 per month with a yearly subscription

What’s inside: A monthly book that matches your interests and favorite genres. Each month, five books will be highlighted on your account and you can choose any of the five you wish.

Why it’s perfect for English students: It allows you to find new books and pushes you to read more novels. Get it here.

Dance Majors


What it costs: From $10 to $75 per month

What’s inside: SOX BOX lets you customize your box by choosing from a variety of options. Your choices lead to your monthly socks and are a fun way to express yourself.

Why it’s perfect for dance students: Dance majors are so busy, well, dancing that they have time for almost nothing else. That includes shopping for socks. This would deliver pairs with ease and also let dance majors show individuality in their outfit choices. Get it here.

Peace Studies Major

Love With Food

What it costs: $8 per month

What’s inside: Eight or more unique snacks that are both tasty and healthy. No artificial flavoring, coloring or MSG is present. Additionally, all snacks are natural, organic or gluten-free. On top of that, the company donates one meal to a food bank in the U.S. every time a box is purchased.

Why it’s perfect for peace studies students: Try new snacks every month before committing to full-size products so you can buy with confidence, and for every snack box you purchase, you are donating at least one meal to a food bank around the country. You can start your good work as a peace studies student today! Get it here.

Communication Studies Major

Sticker Swaps

What it costs: Starts at $10 per month

What’s inside: Ten high quality die-cut vinyl stickers every month, all unique themes and sizes.

Why it’s perfect for communication studies students: Students walk across campus, swinging their Hydro Flasks plastered with stickers. But in case it’s not entirely covered yet, or you’re in need of a fresh look, you can get new stickers monthly to accessorize your water bottle and any other devices. What better way to *communicate* your passions to the people around you? Get it here.

Art/Graphic Design Majors

The Adult Coloring Book Box

What it costs: Starts at $14 per month

What’s inside: Adult coloring pack with six cardstock pages. Markers, watercolor, gel pens, coloring pencils, or crayons all work well with it.

Why it’s perfect for art or graphic design students: While you may love drawing, it can probably get tiring and somewhat stressful. This can reignite your love for art, by making it simple. Get it here.

History Majors

Nostalgia Crate

What it costs: $20 per month

What’s inside: Toys and games from the ‘80s, ‘90s or ‘00s. These will be new and sealed objects and will include various items from the last 30 years. Trinkets may include Furbies, lunchboxes, action figures and Beanie Babies.

Why it’s perfect for history students: A monthly dose of the last 30 years will be helpful and nostalgic for all history majors. Get it here.

Music Majors

Original Vinyl Records

What it costs: $20 per month

What’s inside: Six original vinyl records will be sent monthly. You choose the genres of music you like, and they ship similar music to you each month. The vinyl is checked to make sure that it isn’t scratched and will provide excellent music.

Why it’s perfect for music students: Music is beautiful, and sometimes hearing it on vinyl is the relaxing time everyone needs. Get it here.

Science Majors

Club Scikidz Lab

What it costs: $29.95 per month

What’s inside: Club Scikidz shows people the fun aspects of science through easy projects and experiments. Every subscription has career-based activities that involve various aspects of science and technology.

Why it’s perfect for science students: Science is cool, and the kids’ projects are perfect for a bored college student. Also, they can make a great party trick. Get it here.

We Need to Talk about Dodge’s Special Treatment

From the second a student enters Chapman University, they’re made aware of a universal truth on campus, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts is the most valued part of the community. Due to the success and fame of Dodge alumni, it’s easy to see why Chapman’s administration favors the program, but unfortunately, the rest of us can often feel like the redheaded stepchild at a family event. So here is the uncensored list of Chapman’s preferential treatment.  

1. Dodge Students get free (colored) printing, while the rest of us suckers have to pay.

That’s right, unless you’re a Dodge student or a student of the Honors program, you rely on printing credits provided by Chapman University. Yet, when the fateful day arrives when your printing credits run out, you’re forced to pay for printing yourself. For undergraduate students, Chapman gives about $12.50 of balance for printing, but for 50 cents a colored page, printing costs can add up fast. Fortunately for Dodge kids, the printers in their college don’t adhere to the print credits, and they can print away at will.

2. New Dodge buildings are being created all the time, while I’m writing this from a basement.

While I’m not saying the glitz and glory of THE Marion Knotts Studio should be replicated campus-wide, Dodge is continuously getting new and updated buildings, while the rest of us suffer in the leftover space. Some majors are assigned to spots in the basement of the library.  

In fact, Chapman University just recently finished construction on Chapman Studios West, a 38,000-square-foot building that expands the documentary program. While the building is quite lovely, it doesn’t hide the explicit bias that the university holds.

3. Dodge faculty provides job connections the rest of us envy.

For some Dodge students, getting a glamorous internship is as easy as asking a professor, “do you have a gig for me?” The professors are better connected than AT&T.  Yeah, the other teachers here do what they can to help you, but unless they have the Duffer brothers on speed dial, you’re out of luck.  

4. Students in Dodge seldom need to worry about parking.

If you’ve ever driven to school, you understand the steep competition for the final parking space. As Chapman University shuts down several other parking structures, Dodge students remain mostly unaffected as they have access to a plethora of other parking options, among these options are: Villa Park Orchards Lot, Becket Lot, West Campus Structure, Hilbert/Partridge Lot, Knott Studios Lot, Palm Lot, West Palm Lot, Cypress Street Lot, and finally (if you’ve made it this far) the Barrera Structure Lot. Compared to the single on-campus lot, Lastinger, there’s a major difference.  

5. They get easy access to sound stages and prop houses.

This point might sound a little petty, as you might be wondering why any other major would need access to sound stages or prop houses, but the option should be available to all majors in case any student needs higher grade equipment for an assignment. If a Communication Studies major wanted access to either studio for personal or professional use, the stages and prop houses should be available to be utilized.  

In the immortal words of Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Ultimately, we all want to be indulged as much as the talented Dodger, so your move Chapman.