Seven New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Chapman

Photo by Jennifer Sauceda.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for individuals. Institutions that desire self-improvement can also commit to changing for the better. In the spirit of helping our school become even better, we’ve gone ahead and drawn up the resolutions that Chapman should accomplish in 2019. You’re welcome.

1. Save the Panther Bucks

Chapman’s Agora Gift Shop sells a variety of products from Chapman apparel to care packages to school supplies. Photo by Jennifer Sauceda.

At the end of each semester, students’ remaining Panther Bucks expire, making them unusable for the next semester. An expansion of their usage to purchase supplies at the gift shop would result in a decrease in leftover Panther Bucks. Better yet, allowing students the options of transferring Panther Bucks to a friend, carrying them over to the next semester, or giving refunds of unused balances, would give students a more Panther bang for their Panther Bucks.


2. Address the Diversity Problem

The Global Citizens Plaza displays 64 flags, which represent the home countries and nations visited by Chapman’s students and staff. Photo by Jennifer Sauceda.

With more than 52 percent of undergraduate students identifying as white, the campus fails to reflect California’s diverse population. For example, only about 1.6 percent of undergraduates are black, a stark contrast to California’s 6.5 percent black demographic. Offering more need-based scholarships for low-income students would help alleviate the underrepresentation of African American students and bring more socio-economic diversity to campus.


3. Make it Onto The Princeton Review’s “Guide to 399 Green Colleges”

The Princeton Review’s list takes university policies, programs and conservation efforts into consideration. Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay.

In case you haven’t heard, Chapman’s portfolio has long included substantial investments in fossil fuels. As a result, the university opts out of participating in The Princeton Review’s rating system for evaluating sustainable colleges. It’s time to face the music and confront our own contribution to global warming. Divesting from fossil fuels to establish a greener investment portfolio would allow us to join other enlightened peers on the Princeton Review list.


4. Introduce Menstrual Products in the Men’s Restrooms

Pads and tampons used to cost 25 cents each before the university offered free menstrual products. Photo by Jennifer Sauceda.

Earlier this year, Chapman began providing free menstrual products in some of the women’s and gender-neutral restrooms throughout campus. Yet, there are no menstrual products available in men’s restrooms anywhere. Menstrual products should be available to all Chapman students who experience menstruation. And, while we’re at it, in all bathrooms.


5. Fix the Panther Shuttle Schedule 

The first shuttle of the day typically arrives around 7:30 a.m. on weekdays. Photo by Jennifer Sauceda.

With overcrowded shuttles and unreliable arrival/departure times, the simple task of getting to class on time has become a mission for students who live in Chapman Grand or Panther Village. The addition of more shuttles arriving at shorter intervals would ease the worry of missing out on class for those who can’t drive themselves to school.


6. Keep Cafeteria Food in the Cafeteria

The Loyal E. Horton Dining Award was presented to Chapman’s dining services in 2017. Photo by Olaf Broeker on Pixabay.

Organizations on campus are not allowed to serve food valued over $50 unless approved by Sodexo, the campus’ food provider. This poses a problem for cultural clubs who organize events that offer homemade dishes or food that exceed a limit of $50 worth of food. By eliminating the limit, organizations would be more inclined to share traditional foods with the Chapman community as opposed to serving Sodexo-prepared meals.


7. Make It Easier to Enroll in G.E. Courses

The university’s average class size is 23, but popular classes may easily exceed the average.  Photo by Jennifer Sauceda.

Chapman prides itself in providing small class sizes for an intimate learning experience, but the increasing student population is making it difficult for students to enroll in courses to fulfill their general education requirements. Opening more sections for overcrowded classes would alleviate the stress of being on the waitlist.



Five Tips for a Successful Black Friday Experience

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while some families are preparing for their elaborate dinner presentations, others may be planning for the infamous shopping event that occurs afterwards. Millions of people across the United States take advantage of the discounted prices offered by major retailers on Black Friday, but the way in which these events unfold can be hectic. Whether you’re a Black Friday veteran or first-time participant, these tips will alleviate some of the stress that could ruin your Black Friday shopping experience.

1. Find The Best Deals Ahead of Time


Not all Black Friday savings are created equal. For example, Best Buy offers the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera for $50 while Target offers the same camera for $60. Instead of performing the tedious task of searching for the price of a product on every store website, you can visit price comparison websites such as and Just type in the name of the product you’re searching for and they’ll show you each store’s offering on the same page!


2. Make a Game Plan


Black Friday shopping can be an incredibly stressful experience for the unprepared. Avoid the long cashier lines and disappointment by making a list of the products you plan on purchasing. Those who act swiftly have a better chance of obtaining the products they want and may avoid getting caught in the congested cashier lines.


3. Arrive on Time


Despite the holiday’s name, some stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s open on Thursday evening. Make sure you arrive just in time to see those front doors swing open or else you might just miss out on your favorite Black Friday deals.


4. Get Comfortable


Realistically, standing on your feet for hours on end will probably result in discomfort. For those planning on standing in line prior to an opening time, don’t hesitate to bring cozy shoes, chairs and snacks. However, be prepared to pack up your gear before the business opens.


5. Make Sure You Have Enough Money


There’s nothing worse than successfully collecting your products and realizing you may not be able to purchase them. Before embarking on your Black Friday adventure, make sure you have enough money in your wallet and bank accounts. While you might scrape enough pocket change to purchase a $4 Wonder Woman DVD, that $99 Samsung Chromebook may present a challenge.


Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be an exhausting activity, so make your life a little easier by remembering these easy tips!

Global Warming Will Cook California in 12 Years

Photo by Cenczi from Pixabay.

President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord in 2017, a pledge taken by over 100 nations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming. Photo by Skeeze from Pixabay.

Things are heating up.

On October 8, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a report cautioning irreversible damage to the planet within 12 years if humans fail to combat global warming. In particular, the panel urged nations to prevent the earth from heating more than 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than pre-industrial levels – an objective that could be achieved with a massive cut on greenhouse gas emissions – but it’s unclear if there is the political will on a national level to avert the coming disaster.

How will a hotter planet affect us? Californians can expect these four things if global warming overpowers human effort.

1. Wave the West Coast Goodbye

Nearby facilities may have to be evacuated if flood-proofing techniques fail to keep coastal cities dry. Photo by Jim Gade from Unsplash.

Nearby facilities may have to be evacuated if flood-proofing techniques fail to keep coastal cities dry. Sea levels are expected to rise at least four inches by the end of the century, meaning that irregular flooding of California coastal towns, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, will become the new norm. Cities would have the opportunity to adapt to these changes at the targeted 2.7 degrees goal as it would slow down the rise of sea levels.

2. Grab Your Inhaler – Asthma and Allergies will Worsen

Sufferers of respiratory conditions will definitely feel the effects of a more intense pollen season. Photo by Cenczi from Pixabay.

Warmer weather and an increase of carbon dioxide are the perfect combination for a swelling pollen production. Californians should expect longer and harsher allergy seasons, as stated in a 2013 study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

3. More Wildfires

At least 7,000 fires broke out throughout California in 2017. Photo by Marcus Kauffman from Unsplash.

Last year California suffered its worst fire season in history. Increasing temperatures, high winds and dry weather have contributed to this trend. The projected severity of heatwaves would transform the diverse scenery into something completely different. The state’s deserts are expected to expand as the increasing wildfires pave the way for a desert environment, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

4. Prepare for Shortages

Winter chill is the cool breaking point for fruits and nuts that triggers a break from dormancy. Photo by Alex Kotomanov from Unsplash.

Declining winter chill, resulting from the progression of global warming, is predicted to reduce the production of fruit and nuts in California, according to The Office of Environmental Health Hazard. Among these crops are peaches, almonds, apples and cherries, which account for two-thirds of the country’s fruit and nut production.

Although the future may seem bleak, there is a solution that requires the cooperation of all countries. The United Nations report shows that combating global warming is an international effort, that must translate on the governmental level with laws and restrictions against greenhouse gas emissions.  

How to finesse flu season

At least 80,000 Americans died last year because of the flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Photo by Mojpe via Pixabay

Avoiding the flu may be especially difficult for college students in constant contact with other germy people in cafeterias, residence halls, shared bathrooms and cramped classrooms. Chills, sore throats, headaches and a runny nose are indicators of the flu, which is spread through water droplets emitted from coughs and sneezes. With October marking the beginning of flu season, here are five tips to help you avoid the aches and agony of this year’s scourge.


 Tip #1: Don’t forget to get vaccinated

Less than half of college students receive the flu vaccination according to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. Photo by Whitesession via Pixabay

 Get a flu shot! Chapman’s Student Health Center, located at 402 N. Glassell, offers free flu shots to students to help combat the disease. Walk-ins are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., and students with appointments may visit the Health Center until late afternoon. You should be vaccinated before November, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Tip #2: Turn up the music

The power of music has also been proven to alleviate chronic pain after surgical procedures as reported in the Journal of Musical Therapy. Photo by Bruce Mars via Pexels

Excessive stress reduces the immune system’s ability to fight off disease, according to the American Psychological Association, but taking the time to listen to some of your favorite tunes may help strengthen your mind and your body. Music is a natural destresser that boosts your immune system’s defense mechanisms and reduces stress, according to a 2013 study done by McGill University.


Tip#3: Work out at your own risk

Along with catching the flu virus, bacterial infections are also a possibility due to some gym equipment containing more bacteria than a toilet seat, according to a FitRated study. Photo by Danielle Cerullo via Unsplash

Sweat isn’t the only thing being shed at Chapman’s Fitness Center: While daily exercise helps build immunity to illness, the flu virus can live on nonporous surfaces such as steel for up to 24 hours, according to a 2011 study published in the Public Library of Science. Disinfect machinery and mats with wet wipes before and after using gym equipment to maintain a clean environment. And reconsider how you greet your workout – and other – buddies. You can catch the flu just by shaking hands with an infected person, who can be contagious even before they begin to exhibit symptoms such as coughing and sneezing.


Tip #4 Stay away from hand dryers

Hand dryers, a common option for drying one’s hands, may put you at a higher risk for illness. Photo by Clker-Free-Vector Images via Pixabay

You’re better off using paper towels. More virus were found around hand dryers than paper dispensers in a 2015 study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology. The study also found that people who don’t wash their hands efficiently may leave virus in the air surrounding hand dryers for up to 15 minutes. Due to the friction involved in drying one’s hands with paper towels, bacteria is less likely to hang around towel dispensers.


Tip #5: Your phone may be your enemy

College students may encounter the viral infection after coming in contact with an infected device. Photo by Brett Sayles via Pexels

Countertops, hands, desks, bathroom stalls and floors: those seem to be the go-to spots for cleaning. Your phone has seen it all, and yet, you may never have thought about all of the germs it’s collected. It rubs against your face during phone calls and leaves your fingers contaminated with virus after a quick text, but you rarely take the initiative to clean your phone. Now is the time to wipe down those touchscreen devices – and any other gadgets you might share with friends. Germs may live on the surface of your devices for hours, but luckily most of them can be cleaned with a simple microfiber cloth dampened with a drop of water or disinfecting spray.


Follow these tips and you just might succeed in finessing the 2018-2019 flu season.

Five Things You Should Know Before Visiting the New Hello Kitty Cafe

Customers form a line outside Irvine’s Hello Kitty Grand Cafe


Looks like the cat’s out of the bag.

On September 14, the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe at the Irvine Spectrum Center opened its doors to fans and spectators alike. The first of its kind, the shop sells pastries, sweets, a variety of drinks, and merchandise adorned with Sanrio characters. Despite being the source of many Insta-worthy shots, what else should one expect when walking into the Hello Kitty-themed cafe? Here’s what you should know:

  1. There is a (Pricey) VIP Section

Across from the cafe’s entrance is a white door decorated with a golden bow. This is the entrance to The Bow Room, an exclusive tea room that comes equipped with a bar and cushioned seats.

The Bow Room entrance adorned by a golden bow

There is a $55 fee for entering The Bow Room and reservations are encouraged, but walk-ins may be accepted depending on availability. The tea sets accommodate two people, which means that no odd-numbered parties are accepted. Tea sets offered include fresh fruits, sweets, and an extensive tea
selection. Cocktail hours begin after 5:00 p.m. and Hello Kitty style alcoholic beverages are sold such as the Aloha Kitty and the Whisker Sour. No person under 21 is allowed in The Bow Room during
cocktail hours.

Tea sets offered include fresh fruits, sweets, and an extensive tea selection. Cocktail hours begin after 5:00 p.m. and Hello Kitty style alcoholic beverages are sold. No person under 21 is allowed in The Bow Room during cocktail hours.

2. Waits are Long 

Customers prepare to enter the cafe.

The Hello Kitty Grand Cafe does not take reservations (excluding The Bow Room). A single cash register does the job, which results in a wait time of about 45 minutes. The good news? Most of the goodies are ready to go, but some sweets require extra cooking. The mini donuts for example, take a quick four minutes to perfect.

3. Seating is Limited


A family enjoys their pastries inside the cafe.

There are a total of 10 seats inside the cafe, and they’re typically arranged as individual tables of two or three seats. However, some customers, like those pictured above, will utilize more than one table to accommodate their party size. Chances are, you’ll end up taking your goodies to go.

  1. Be Prepared to Splurge 



Displays of sweets offered by the cafe.

While iced teas, lemonades, espressos, and blended drinks range from $3 to $5.50, desserts such as a small strawberry cake and a lemon tart can cost from $4 to $15 each. The Hello Kitty Cafe menu also contains seasonal specials such as the lemon honey pocket pie for $4.75. 

Fans can purchase Hello Kitty gear that is sold inside the business.

Interested in purchasing Hello Kitty Cafe merchandise? A sequin bow costs an impressive $30, while a Hello Kitty plush is valued at $25.

5. Nut Allergies? Be Careful

A Food Allergy Notice is plastered on the cashier’s counter for customers to view.

There are traces of nuts in the majority of the pastries and sweets offered at the Hello Kitty Cafe. Nut-free and gluten-free drink options are available, so make sure to ask the employees about the beverages available. 

Shoppers can observe the production of mini donuts through a glass window near the front of the store.

Taking these elements into consideration before planning your visit to the Hello Kitty Cafe will have you prepared for anything. Enjoy your trip!

All photos by Jennifer Sauceda