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Students aren’t clear on where to turn for advising at Chapman

By Danielle Konovitch
| May 7, 2018

Chapman University offers a cohesive academic advising program, but students don’t know how to use it.
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Undie run’s most memorable moments

By Sydney Druckman
| May 4, 2018

One of the biggest traditions here at Chapman University is the infamous Undie Run, where students blow off steam and the stress of finals by stripping down and running through the streets like headless chickens.
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Adderall-prescribed students face pressures to share

By Greta Nagy
| May 3, 2018

Those who have an Adderall prescription hold the golden key to what many students believe enhances their ability to excel in school. Prescribed students are left with the pressure of deciding whether or not to share.
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Breaking down the underage nightlife scene

By Gaia Breccia
| May 3, 2018

For students who like to go out at night, but aren’t old enough for bars or clubs, it may seem like frat parties are the only option. Tiny houses packed with the same sweaty bodies can get tiring, but luckily there are several venues in the area that host events for those 18 and older.
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Chapman Greek Life as seen on-screen

By Rachael Kaufhold, Katelyn Antilla, and Ela Suvak
| May 3, 2018

Alright let’s get divisive, while Greek life is big on campus, it has certain reputations that seem to be campus known. Below are stereotypes of various sororities and fraternities on campus, and their movie or television counterparts.
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Chapman Students Refuse to Consent by Phone

By Julien Khvang
| May 2, 2018

Students object to signing contracts for sex.
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