Get Out! 7 Hacks for a Smooth Move Out of Chapman Housing

The carts that help you easily move-in will not be available for move-out. Photo courtesy of Lara Wyss of Chapman Public Relations.

Chapman makes everyone in campus housing move out within 24 hours of their last final – and finals are almost here. Cramming and packing creates a perfect storm of stress, but our seven hacks will help make bailing a breeze.

   1. Be Prepared for a Lack of Move-Out Carts

Chapman does not provide move-out carts for students living in on-campus housing. “We don’t provide carts at ‘move out’ for a few reasons – first and foremost, students move out at various times throughout the day and week, so it is difficult to make carts available in a convenient way. Second, it is difficult (even during move-in week) to ensure that we get all carts returned,” Dave Sundby, the head of Residence Life, told Prowl. That means you’ll be on your own wheel-wise this May.  Reach out to your off-campus friends to score dollies, skate boards or shopping carts to make your move easier. Or pack your smaller boxes into bigger ones to minimize the number of trips to the car.

   2. Invest in a Storage Unit

If you are coming back to Chapman after summer, rent a storage unit. It can be a hassle lugging all of your stuff home, unpacking, and then packing it up again. Organize and label items before storing – and label the bigger boxes as well – so you can unpack in an organized way in the fall. Less than five minutes from Chapman, Public Storage offers a first-month fee of $1 and $61 dollars per month thereafter.

   3. Put your plastic grocery bags to good use

We paid for all those extra plastic bags when we forgot to take our reusable bags to the store. Now that it is time to move out, fill these bags with clothes, toiletries, or any miscellaneous items that you need to pack away!

   4. Clean out the Trash (room)

The trash room in each dorm hallway brims with everyone’s junk during the final weeks of spring semester. Pluck out the empty boxes and bags others leave behind to use for your items: You will not only save money, but the time you’d spend searching for packing materials.

   5. Start Packing BEFORE Finals

To minimize stress, pack as many items as you can in advance. Out of season clothes and miscellaneous items in your junk drawer can be boxed. Cookware, plates, and utensils should be organized and ready to go come move out time.

   6. Fix the Flaws

The university can level steep fines on students if they have damaged their room. One of the most common reasons cited for fines is wall scuffs. An easy fix is to use matching paint to cover up the marks. If some paint chips off throughout the year or while ripping off the Command Strips, use paint to quickly brush over it. All the Chapman rooms are the same color, so you can share paint with your friends too. Wite-Out has also been known to work. However, students caught painting their rooms may be fined so it’s best to avoid damaging your room in the first place.

   7. Skate into Victory

Finally, we come to the piece de resistance: the skateboard. Instead of trying to awkwardly fit your TV into a shopping cart or dolly, wheel large items on a skateboard. If you do not own a skateboard, borrow a friend’s. Plus, when you aren’t pushing heavy items, hop on and ride your way to and from the dorms!


Correction: A previous version of this story mentioned move-out carts not being available for students beginning this year. This has been corrected to say that students were never provided with move-out carts. Although some students have reported painting their rooms to avoid fines for damage, it is important to note that the act is discouraged and only mentioned as an insight.

Carlee Correia & Joe Perrino

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