Maggie Wright and Myles Garcia and Jennifer Sauceda


  1. interviews were well done. I am concerned for young women (I am a grand mother) and wonder what all of you are doing in a pro active sense to protect yourselves to NOT be victims. The environment open to stalkers can only be controlled by you. Be aware. Be cautious.

  2. With the staggering number you posted of 7.5 million people being stalked every year, it is astounding that more don’t think harder and longer before posting and sharing.

  3. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! As a mom I’ve always been concerned about the information my kids share about themselves on social media and therefore been very communicative with them and interactive with their outlets. However, I had no idea that in a stalking situation the stalker assigns information and details to their victim and finds a way to hack into their social media accounts. The very frightening thing is that they actually believe the person they have dreamed up in their mind exists, then they go project that persona onto an innocent person. This video was well done, informative and thought provoking.

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