Four Best Photo-Editing Apps to Up Your Instagram Game

If you’re looking to improve your Instagram feed, the real magic isn’t in the camera, but the editing.

While there are oodles of apps available to help enhance your photography, it can be almost impossible to find the right one. We found four easy, free or inexpensive photography apps that produce high contrast and high exposure photos for your Instagram pleasures. Whether you’re looking to create a cohesive feed or hoping to edit out a pesky zit that sprouted last night, these apps can improve your Instagram game.

   1. VSCO

Edits made: HB1 Filter, +1.2 Exposure, +3.5 Contrast, +1.0 Saturation, and +6.2 Grain.

What are some of the app’s features?

  • Enhance photos with filters – Filters are available in packs for free or can be purchased.
  • Studio – This feature allows you to save photos you edit in a library. Many social media influencers use this to plan out their Instagram feed before they post online, which helps create a more cohesive look.
  • Adjustments – Users can also edit their photo’s contrast, exposure, and saturation as well as add grain or vignette to a photo.
  • Journal – Users can publish their photography through a “journal” for the public to see.

Where can you download the app?

  • VSCO is available for free for iOS and Android devices.

   2. Snapseed

Edits made: +17 Grain, +22 Details, +10 HDR Scape, +35 Saturation, and +30 Portrait.

What are some of the app’s features?

  • Adjustments – Users can edit photos using swiping motions to select enhancements and effects, such as saturation, exposure, contract, etc.
  • Automatic Adjustments – Snapseed also features an “automatic” adjustment to photos for quick editing.
  • History – Users can review their editing history to quickly locate enhancements they’ve previously used
  • Filter combinations – Snapseed saves filter combinations so you can reuse certain filters or create a cohesive look for a group of pictures.
  • Layering – Creates “layers” of editing so the user can remove or adjust enhancements, like grain, cropping, details, etc.

Where can you download the app?

  • Snapseed is available for free for iOS and Android devices.

   3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Edits made: +0.18 Exposure, +70 Contrast, +47 Shadows, +45 Whites, -5 Blacks, -30 Vibrance,

-30 Saturation, and +10 Clarity.

What are some of the app’s features?

  • Create and download presets – Presets allow you to save multiple adjustments to a photo at once and store for future use. Lightroom also has pre-made presets you can download.
  • Work with multiple images at once – Have a group of photos that are all too dark? You can select them and apply presets simultaneously.
  • In-app camera –  The Lightroom camera features more than ten settings for photo-taking, such as ISO, grids, multiple lenses, and much more.
  • Adjustment brush – Users can “paint” on enhancements to specific parts of their photo.

Where can you download the app?

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is available for free for iOS and Android devices.

   4. Superimpose

Edits made: Original background masked with holographic background, +3.6 Exposure, +19.3 Contrast, FX4 filter on foreground, and FX19 filter on background.

What are some of the app’s features?

  • Masking – Users can combine multiple images together and erase backgrounds with assorted tools.
  • Layering – Add multiple masks at once to create stunning and complex images.
  • Editing – Large variety of editing tools from simple adjustments to color correction. Superimpose also features a brush tool to enhance certain areas of a photo.

Where can you download the app?

  • Superimpose is available for $1.99 for iOS and $0.99 for Android devices.

Photos by Autumn Sumruld

Autumn Sumruld

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