The Christmas Gifts You Never Wanted

We all know the excitement of holding a wrapped present during the holiday season, and then opening that gift and thinking to yourself “Why did they get me this?” It’s either something you’d never use, something you’d never wear, or something that makes you think “wtf grandma.” It’s safe to say most of us have been there before, so here’s what some Chapman students had to say about their bad gift experiences.


Photo courtesy of Brett Hayes.

When I was 11 me and a couple of other people went to my friends house during winter break to hang out and she said she had gifts for us. She gave my other friends gift cards and other things you would want for Christmas, but when it was my turn she gave me and one of our other friend hangers. In her defense they were nice hangers, but like who wants hangers as a Christmas gift?

– Brett Hayes ’19


Photo courtesy of Dylan Dahle.

When I was 15 my mom gave me condoms for Christmas. It was super awkward because you don’t really want to talk about that stuff with your mom when you’re 15, and especially when it’s Christmas.

– Dylan Dahle ’21


Photo by Claire Tafoya.

In my life I’ve been given around seven Bibles and I’m not really religious at all. I usually get them from my Irish side of the family, but I once got one from a friend. I don’t know what to do with them so they just sit on my bookshelf untouched with these cross necklaces I’ve been given over the years.

– Davis Anderson ’20


Photo by Claire Tafoya.

When I was really young a family friend got me a really expensive lip pencil but being like 8 years old I was really confused because all I wanted was toys.

– Alya Hijazi ’21


Photo Courtesy of Zack Morse.

My family always has Christmas dinners with two of our close family friends, and they always give really bad gifts. About two years ago one of the families gave me and my brother fake lottery tickets. We didn’t even realize they were fake until we thought we won and our dad pointed out that the back said “for entertainment purposes only.”

– Zack Morse ’19

Even though it’s fun to make jokes about how bad some gifts are, it’s important to remember the holidays are about more than just presents. Take the time over break to relax, enjoy life, surround yourself with the people you love, and put the extra mile into your gifts so you don’t end up on a list of worst gift givers.

Claire Tafoya

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