How to Survive a SoCal Winter


Southern California winters are notoriously brutal. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the frigid temperatures and horrid weather.


1. Make a post to let everyone know you’re freezing

Put on your faux fur slippers and cozy jackets when the temperature drops below 70 degrees. After you’re all dressed up, send a selfie to your friends to tell them how cold you are.


2. Switch out your coffee order

Say goodbye to your iced vanilla lattes with extra caramel and say hello to your hot vanilla lattes with extra caramel. 

3. Prepare for your car rides to triple in time

Most drivers forget how to drive when it rains in SoCal, resulting in countless accidents and freeways full of people driving 45 miles under the speed limit. Plan to leave an hour earlier for wherever you’re going.

4. Go to an outdoor mall and buy a sweater

A sweater? In SoCal? Unheard of. But you’d be surprised how cold 65 degrees feels. 

5. Apply sunblock

The sun is out every day of the year, and winter is no exception. 


6. Prepare for your house to become an unofficial Airbnb

Get ready to become extremely popular when all your cold weather friends need a place to escape the snow. 


7. Get a pedicure

Winter shoe staples? Fuzzy slippers, flip-flops , slides and sandals. This means your pedicure has to be just as flawless in the winter as it is in the summer.


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Kelly Itatani

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