Five Tips for a Successful Black Friday Experience

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while some families are preparing for their elaborate dinner presentations, others may be planning for the infamous shopping event that occurs afterwards. Millions of people across the United States take advantage of the discounted prices offered by major retailers on Black Friday, but the way in which these events unfold can be hectic. Whether you’re a Black Friday veteran or first-time participant, these tips will alleviate some of the stress that could ruin your Black Friday shopping experience.

1. Find The Best Deals Ahead of Time


Not all Black Friday savings are created equal. For example, Best Buy offers the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera for $50 while Target offers the same camera for $60. Instead of performing the tedious task of searching for the price of a product on every store website, you can visit price comparison websites such as and Just type in the name of the product you’re searching for and they’ll show you each store’s offering on the same page!


2. Make a Game Plan


Black Friday shopping can be an incredibly stressful experience for the unprepared. Avoid the long cashier lines and disappointment by making a list of the products you plan on purchasing. Those who act swiftly have a better chance of obtaining the products they want and may avoid getting caught in the congested cashier lines.


3. Arrive on Time


Despite the holiday’s name, some stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s open on Thursday evening. Make sure you arrive just in time to see those front doors swing open or else you might just miss out on your favorite Black Friday deals.


4. Get Comfortable


Realistically, standing on your feet for hours on end will probably result in discomfort. For those planning on standing in line prior to an opening time, don’t hesitate to bring cozy shoes, chairs and snacks. However, be prepared to pack up your gear before the business opens.


5. Make Sure You Have Enough Money


There’s nothing worse than successfully collecting your products and realizing you may not be able to purchase them. Before embarking on your Black Friday adventure, make sure you have enough money in your wallet and bank accounts. While you might scrape enough pocket change to purchase a $4 Wonder Woman DVD, that $99 Samsung Chromebook may present a challenge.


Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be an exhausting activity, so make your life a little easier by remembering these easy tips!

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