5 Useless Life Hacks You’ll Find Scrolling through Social Media

Is life too easy? Try these five totally useless life hacks to complicate every aspect of your daily routine.

1. Eating an orange is too boring nowadays… try putting it on your wrist first!

This life hack is as simple as it looks. After you peel an orange, wrap it around your wrist and eat it as you go along your day. Who needs a watch when you can have a great snack on the go!

2. Elves keep stealing your shoes? Make a new pair with hot glue!

There are so many things you can DIY with hot glue! Everything from spoons to a new pair of sandals two times more expensive than the store brand, since a glue gun and glue sticks average around $40 on Amazon compared to a pair of $20 Nike slides!

3. Want to stop wasting water when you wash dishes? Waste plastic instead!

You’ll never need a dishwasher again if you use cling wrap over your dishes before every meal. A guaranteed crowd pleaser at any dinner party. It’s especially popular with kids who hate washing their dishes.

4. Have an air mattress to blow up but are totally unprepared for camping?  You can depend on the wind to blow it up for you!

If you have a plastic bag, this life hack (starts at 2:22) says you have all you need to fill up your air mattress. Just wave the bag around until it’s full of air and fill’er up. By the time the mattress is full you’ll be tired out enough to make use of all your hard work and catch some z’s. That is until you remember you still have to pitch the tent.

5. How far would you go to have your makeup on fleek at school?

Didn’t have enough time for makeup before school? You should destroy your makeup products and sneak them inside your school supplies. Why waste a trip to the bathroom when you can do your makeup right in front of your teacher during class? 

 Life hacks are supposed to make our lives easier, but these five hacks seem to do nothing but complicate the situation.  What kind of crazy hacks have you seen on social media? Tag us in some of your favorites on Instagram @chapman_prowl. 

Lily Currin

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