Why students don’t vote

The reasons vary why students don’t vote during the midterm elections. Photo by the Eno Center for Transportation

Only 28% of young adults said “they are absolutely certain they will vote” in the upcoming 2018 midterm election, according to a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic.

Students say they will not exercise their right to vote due to not knowing enough about politics or not getting their ballots sent to them on time.

Lily Moore, sophomore business major, feels she is not informed enough on the topics.

“I feel like if I voted I would just be picking names of people I didn’t know. And also, I don’t know where I can vote,” Moore said. “I plan on getting more informed soon by reading more articles.”

Inaya Shore, junior sociology major said she is not very interested in politics but knows she needs to get more involved.

“I really want to vote and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. However, I’m not sure if I’m even registered to vote right now and I keep meaning to figure it out but I haven’t,” Shore said.  “I know this is an important election so I really need to figure it out but I’m not even sure who I’d vote for.”

If she ends up voting her ultimate decision will be based on who her peers are voting for.

“I’m just going to ask my friends who share the same views as me who I should vote for,”Shore said.

Other students have trouble with their absentee ballots, such as Sarah de Surville, a sophomore sociology major.

“I can only vote if my absentee ballot comes in the mail on time,” de Surville said, “I hope it will get here.” She is getting the ballot sent to her so that she can vote in her own county instead of in the county of Orange.

Sofia Caputo, junior public relations and advertising major has the same problem.

“Since I am from Washington my mom has to send me my ballot and I’m not sure yet when it’s coming,” Caputo said, “If it was a presidential election I would care a lot more about my ballot coming in on time.”

For some students, they believe the process for registration is too time consuming.

Mallory Mathis, sophomore business major, plans on registering soon, but not in time for Midterms.

“I plan on registering when I learn how,” Mathis said, “I have seen some advertisements on social media about registering I just haven’t taken the steps to do it because of school, work, and my job. I am, however, informed on the Midterm elections.”

Lauren Thomas

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