What’s Your Hydro-Identity?

The trend of the Hydro Flask on Chapman’s campus is beyond the bottle itself. Is the fad revolved around staying hydrated and saving the environment? Or is it all about representing one’s identity through decorations like stickers?

We found six panthers who shared their Hydro-identity through talking about their trendy reusable bottles and sticker designs.

Photo by Lily Currin

Samantha Jabour, sophomore communication studies major

“I bought a Hydro Flask because it was on sale, and the sticker designs effectively describe what I’m all about. My favorite sticker is ‘Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, when you can just be quiet?’ because it is my philosophy.  Most of my stickers my roommate actually designed for me,” she said.


Photo by Lily Currin

Luke Edwards, sophomore communication studies major.

“I think my sticker designs could be described as nerdy – like how I want to be Batman and have all the cool gadgets, or how I’m a Star Wars fan because one of the characters in the movies shares my name. It really matches me, especially this [displayed] sticker because it shows that I hope to be in a career revolving around social justice,” he said.


Photo by Lily Currin

Ally Haase, junior biological sciences major.

“I got my Hydro Flask because I was told to get a durable water bottle when I was on a mission trip in Mexico building houses. My stickers are all pretty random, but I think my Hydro is a big conversation starter, for example fellow science majors are drawn to my big periodic table,” she said.

Photo by Lily Currin

Natalie Neffner, junior psychology major.

“I think I’ve had about two or three Hydro Flasks given to me as gifts. I feel like people that have them are outdoorsy and like exercising. My stickers show that I love the outdoors and swimming,” she said.


Photo by Julianna Franco

Kameron Graylee, sophomore undeclared major.

“I only have one sticker because the Angels are my favorite team. They have my full support. I originally bought a cheap sticker from Walmart but it didn’t even come with a sticky side. So I had to buy a couple from Amazon instead,” he said.

Photo by Julianna Franco

Hunter Jowell, sophomore political science, peace studies, and Spanish triple major.

“I only put these stickers on because my friend bought them for me. I drop my Hydro a lot, and every time I feel really bad so I just try covering up the dents with more stickers,” he said.



Lily Currin and Julianna Franco

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