The Panther Post-It Project

Since the start of the school year, there has been an outbreak of Sticky Note art on the windows of the Chapman dorms. From Vine references to memes, these Sticky Note pieces give these buildings lots of personality. 

Photo by Mitchell Melby

One of the most eye-catching windows contains the abbreviation “Road work ahead?” The creator of this is likely a big fan of the referenced Vine, but doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of vowels.

Photo by Mitchell Melby

This piece of Sticky Note artwork is another reference to a classic Vine. The window once again proved too small to allow the full words to be spelled out, so one “s” would have to do.

Photo by Mitchell Melby

This may be the simplest looking of all of the window art pieces, and also leaves the most room for interpretation. Maybe this student is happy,  or maybe they just had a limited amount of Sticky Notes.

We were able to get ahold of the artists behind the next two windows for interviews.

Photo by Mitchell Melby

The first interview we conducted was with the artist behind this masterpiece, freshman business major Lianna Chen. Here are her thoughts on why she decided to reference this particular Vine.

Here is the Vine that she is referring to:

Photo by Mitchell Melby

Our next interview was with the two roommates behind this window design, freshmen business majors Brieana Bernal and Naina Sah. These two were also eager to be interviewed, in subpar lighting.

Here is the Vine that was referenced:



Mitchell Melby

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