Undie run’s most memorable moments

Students gathered in the piazza await the flood gate opening. Photo by Ian Craddock

One of the biggest traditions here at Chapman University is the infamous Undie Run, where students blow off steam and the stress of finals by stripping down and running through the streets like headless chickens. Undie Run is held every semester on the wednesday of finals week, kicking off at midnight. Here are some students recounting their Undie Run moments – the good, the bad, and the totally bizarre.

Freshman year instead of participating, I got together with a group of friends and sat on the wall near Musco Center. There are these poles that stop cars from driving onto campus, and I was told that was the best seat to see people crashing and falling into them. And boy, was it fun. The first wave of people saw the poles, but it was the second and third that didn’t and those were the ones who ate it. It sounds sinister, but it was hilarious.
– Emma Liegler, Junior Public Relations and Advertising Major

I did undie run a couple times, but I don’t really remember them that much. But a couple of my friends for undie run did the total opposite and did a “suit stroll”, where they ran around the circle in suits.
– Christopher Donly, Senior Creative Writing Major

My undie runs always ended with someone getting hurt or injured. Like this one time my friend had worn new shoes on the run, and by the time the night was finally over she had completely peeled off the skin on her heels and was bleeding all over my carpet. It took forever to get the stains out.
– Anonymous

I think my most memorable memories from the run were when people stood on the back of my wheelchair the entire run just screaming their heads off!
– Makenna Sewell, Senior Business Administration Major

Gif by Sydney Druckman

I dressed up as one of the McPoyle brothers from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and drank a lot of milk and vodka and it was not good. Would not recommend.
– Jayson King, Junior Creative Writing Major

Once I saw a guy running around in a swimsuit and a blow-up donut around his waist.
– Jennifer Johnson, Junior Graphic Design Major

Students hyping up for the run. Courtesy of Ian Craddock

My friend one time ended up in Dean Price’s office at 3 a.m. after Undie Run and he bought her tacos.
– Anonymous

I think the best moment had to be running with my good pal, Jayson King. Rounding the circle, we saw a benevolent group of Jesus preachers shaming all Chapman students for their ‘villainous nudity.’ And in front of them were multiple men and women making out with each other.
– Henry Miller Mein, Junior Creative Writing Major

A religious gathering protesting Undie Run last semester as students watch. Courtesy of Ian Craddock

Sydney Druckman

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