Ten things to do before finals are over 

Finals are just around the corner, and after that, school’s out. As the year comes to a close, here’s a list of things you should do before you go home for the summer.  


Use all your Panther Bucks 


They don’t transfer over to next year, so use them all up before they disappear! 


Buy storage containers 


Where did all this stuff come from?! Don’t worry, Target has you covered, selling storage bins for a cheap as $8.99.  


Eat all the food in your fridge 


No one wants to be greeted next year by a moldy peach.  


Rent a storage room 


For a small storage room at Storage West, the cost is $74.95 a month. See you in the fall, bike. 


Write a harsh course evaluation for the professor who wronged you 


They deserved it. 


Get one last dance in at the District Lounge 


Nothing says a good time like being grinded on by complete strangers.  


Go to our beloved Pizza Press 


We will miss you.  


Return all your textbooks on Amazon


Or if you bought it, sell them back at your own price. You won’t need those anymore. 


Participate in Undie Run 


There’s nothing like running through the streets in your underwear to put you in a good mood. Undie Run kicks off at midnight May 16 in the Piazza.  


Cry as you say goodbye to your friends 


Don’t worry, summer will be over before you know it. We’ll be together again soon. 

Sydney Druckman

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