Chapman Greek Life as seen on-screen

Alright let’s get divisive — while Greek Life is big on campus, there are certain reputations of each chapter that seem to be well-known. Below are stereotypes of various sororities and fraternities on campus, and their counterparts from fictional TV shows and movies.


Monsters University

Oozma Kappa – Delta Sigma Phi

Of course, Oozma Kappa are the new kids on the block. They must be Delta Sig, because of their new and youthful energy for campus. Delta Sig is currently adding members for its first academic year at Chapman, similar to Oozma Kappa in “Monsters University.” Don’t underestimate the new fraternity, because Oozma Kappa was certainly not to be trifled with.


Roar Omega Roar – Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike)

Pi Kappa Alpha, better known as Pike, is represented by Roar Omega Roar. Much like in “Monsters University,” Pike is a well-ranked fraternity that is known to be highly selective and houses the *occasional* partier.


Slugma Slugma Kappa – Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Gamma Delta is a group of fun women who often seem kind of shy. Along with this, it can seem like they match their counterparts by having a mixing pot of unique identities with various personalities interweaved. Although every member of Greek life is unique, AGD doesn’t seem to have a specific identity and is home to every type of woman.


Eta Hiss Hiss – Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delt)

Tri Delt is an edgy group that knows what they want. They’re fierce and studious women that unite to fight for their causes. We see in “Monsters University” that these women unite together to try to win the Scare Games and their brains and unity lead them all the way to the fourth round.


Python Nu Kappa (PNK) – Alpha Phi

Alright, almost everybody knows that Alpha Phi is a top house at Chapman, meaning that they are often considered to be some of the leading women on campus. These are determined sorority women with a Machiavellian attitude: they have goals to achieve, and they will step on you to get there. Despite this, have respect for the sorority’s spirit and work ethic, because they show up in large masses to all events.


Jaws Theta Chi – Phi Kappa Tau

Cool guys that should try to get out there more. All organizations in Greek Life are vital, but sometimes Phi Tau can become a little forgettable as they often aren’t as loud as the other fraternities…except that guy that has a pet pig, that’s pretty cool.


So Undercover

Kappa Kappa Zeta – Kappa Kappa Gamma

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There is no sorority more invested in their sisters than Kappa. Whether it’s in a movie or in real life at Chapman, they would kill for each other. If you’ve ever met a Kappa, you should know this to be true.


Sydney White

Beta Omega Rho – Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji)

Fiji guys are those guys: the guys who think they are the best and not to be messed with. Spot the confidence, charm and undoubtedly tight brotherhood that Beta Omega Rho boys have above.


Scream Queens

Kappa Kappa Tau – Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma is made of women who love a good party. Sometimes they may even forget their own limits. Just like the Kappa Kappa Tau women, they believe they are the most popular people on campus.


Legally Blonde

Delta Nu – Pi Beta Phi

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Pi Phi women are pretty much universally known as Chapman’s most put-together and equalized sorority. We can’t help but compare their personalities to Elle Woods’, given that she’s the queen of law, preppy attire and all things pink.


Neighbors / Neighbors 2

Delta Psi Beta – Phi Delta Theta

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The men of Phi Delt are solid party people, but not your stereotypical frat guys. They’re a lot like Delta Psi Beta in “Neighbors,” — a lot of fun, but alternative. Notice the typical frat party paraphernalia, yet a diverse display of personalities.


Kappa Nu – Gamma Phi Beta

Gamma Phi Beta women aren’t afraid to have a little fun…or in this case a lot. Just like the women of Kappa Nu in “Neighbors 2,” they are always looking for a good time.


22 Jump Street

Zeta Theta Psi – Beta Theta Pi

This frat has the party bros, but good bros. They are the ride-or-dies. Just look at Eric and Jenko, from “22 Jump Street,” pounding it and making their bromance infinitely tighter.



Kappa Delta – Kappa Alpha Theta

This sorority is made up of a tight-knit group of women…it can almost be too tight. They are cult-like and wear their letters everywhere. Just like Melissa Warburton, Rachel Green’s sorority sister in “Friends,” they are very much about their sisterhood.


Rachael Kaufhold and Ela Suvak

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