Five horror stories about missing a final

1. Dubai today, a random city in Texas tomorrow

Photo By: Kyle Rosin

Sophomore business administration major Sherina Mahtani visited a friend in Dubai for her spring break this year. Mahtani had made plans with her accounting teacher to miss the first class after break, but confirmed her presence for the midterm on Wednesday. Unfortunately, her flight had different plans.

“I was sitting in the airport awaiting my flight when all of a sudden a notification popped up on my phone that my flight was delayed three hours,” Mahtani said. “Three hours later I got on the flight that was supposed to stop in Houston before dropping me off in Orange.”

When Mahtani arrived in Houston she planned on getting dinner at the airport during her hour-long layover. Little did she know her dinner would be pretzels, peanuts and a Diet Coke served to her by the flight attendant.

“When we landed in Houston I remember thinking that the plane was stalling a lot,” Mahtani said. “All of a sudden the flight attendant announced that there would be a slight delay due to issues with other flights still at the gate.”

Nearly two hours later, Mahtani exited the plane. She had missed her connecting flight and would have to stay in Houston for the night. Twelve hours later Mahtani arrived back at her apartment with two hours to spare before her accounting midterm. Exhausted, Mahtani decided to take a nap, setting her alarm for 5:00 a.m. instead of p.m. Needless to say, Mahtani missed her exam, but luckily was able to make it up another day.


2. Double Whammy

Photo By: Kyle Rosin


Sophomore dance major Kimara Velvez describes herself as a responsible and time-oriented student. On the morning of her dance final, however, her well-conducted self was scattered through a week of treacherous exams. On even of her last final exam, Velvez said she set an alarm to make sure she arrived to the studio in time to perform; however,  when the alarm went off the next morning, Velvez didn’t. When she did, she realized her eyes opened the same moment the green books did, so she felt she had a fighting chance, she said. She rushed herself to school, and made it to the classroom unprepared and in pajamas. When she walked into the classroom she expected to perform and take the exam in, she waltzed into an empty studio. To Velvez’s unfortunate surprise, her final exam was scheduled the day before, and she had already missed it entirely. Her advice? Make sure to double check, even if you’re not in doubt.


3. The Two Hour Long Red Light

Sophomore studio art major Lydia McGee said she is not the type to miss a midterm under any circumstances, especially when it comes to her art critiques. On that sunny Monday morning, McGee was certain that her art critique would go swimmingly as she packed her bag and got inside her black Jeep Grand Cherokee.

“I was driving down Tustin and passing Trader Joe’s when all of a sudden my car started making beeping noises,” McGee said, adding that suddenly, the car alerted her that the engine was malfunctioning. “I was not in control of the brakes or wheel and I started to completely freak out.The light that I was approaching was red.”

Luckily the emergency brakes allowed McGee to quickly bring the car to a halt, she said,with about five cars behind her combined with being in the middle of the road.

“I watched the light turn from red to green to yellow for two hours as I waited embarrassingly in my car for AAA,” McGee said. Needless to say, McGee never made it to her art critique.


4. Beware the Shrimp

Photo by Kyle Rosin

No one wanted to eat the shrimp served at his friend’s birthday dinner less than Eric Cho.. However, the sophomore business major, who loathes seafood,  l said he decided to suck it up and be polite. Unfortunately, his manners did not pay off.

“I got back to my apartment and started reviewing for my accounting test which was the next morning,” Cho said. “My friend texted me and begged me to come with them to this bar and I thought I would just go for a half hour.”

Fifteen minutes turned into a night out on the town and a horrendous hangover the following morning. Cho woke up on time, showered and quickly dressed himself, he said.

“The hangover wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be,” Cho said. Just as he was about to leave his apartment his stomach made other plans.

“My stomach started to feel a little queasy and then all of a sudden I felt like I needed to throw up immediately,” Cho said. Cho had a horrible case of food poisoning and vowed never to eat shrimp again.

Thankfully Cho’s professor was understanding enough to let him make up his exam the following day.

5. Manic Monday

Photo By Kyle Rosin

Undeclared junior Meriel O’Connell is a soldier in the academic world. During her final exams last semester, O’Connell said she studied adamantly for her introduction to business exam, and spent spending the entire week of finals focusing primarily on this one.O’Connell described the week as “pouring my entire soul into flashcards for one specific exam.”  

When it came time to test, O’Connell said she was confident that she would walk out with a solid A. However, when testing began, O’Connell forgot to shut her phone off and put it away. After a couple vibrations and illuminations of the phone, O’Connell decided to put it away mid-test. Unfortunately, this  happened to be at the exact moment that her professor decided to share a glance. When he noticed the phone, he instantly called her out, and took her exam away.

After the class session, O’Connell explained the scenario to him, and proved her knowledge on the subjects. Her professor then allowed O’Connell to continue testing during his office hours, she said. Always keep your phones off, maybe even before you enter the test room. Talk about a close one!

Greta Nagy & Kyle Rosin

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