Chapman University: The home of the creative

It is no news that Chapman University hosts a large percentage of creative students, and they are not shy to demonstrate their artistic skills even through their dorm doors and windows. Here are some of the more eye-catching works found on campus.

Photos by Gaia Breccia

Sunflower Gels


Olivia Hancock, a sophomore film production major, created this colorful composition in memory of her best friend she lost to suicide last summer. She used lighting gels to create sunflowers that light up the room when the sun shines through. “We found out after she passed away, when we went to her house and met her parents, that she loved sunflowers. They were all over her house,” Hancock explained.


Practical Art


“I really needed a doormat,” said Rao Hamza Ali, a senior computer science major. The chalk work on the floor, even though not eye-catching, is a witty alternative to having actual plants and doormats outside the door, as with neighboring apartments. “It’s also an act of defiance,” Ali said. He went on to talk about a conflict in which students created chalk murals on the walls and were forced to wash them off.

Googly-Eye Monster


This eye-catching door that stares right back was created by Dodge students Demi Boxley, Emily Reef-Keefe and Natalie Koppen. “Originally their old roommate’s name was on the door instead of mine, and instead of taking it off and adding mine, we found these eyes at a Halloween store,” explained Boxley. “We then decided to add festive decorations as holidays passed, and it just happened that the Easter one worked as a nose and mouth as well,” Boxley said. “Plus it scares the freshmen across the lot!”


Holiday Spirit


Created by freshmen Jaelynn Mitchell, majoring in kinesiology, and Erin Coogan, majoring in broadcast journalism, this Valentine-themed decoration brighten ups the Morlan Hall yard.

Mitchell and Coogan weren’t the only ones who left up decorations from past holidays, but many students brought out their Easter pieces, as seen below. 


Sticky Note Champs


After the attention a student got for creating a sticky note message that read “send dudes, food,” other students have decorated their windows with different sticky note creations.


Plain Old Funny


These windows’ art may provide a good laugh, or a scare.

Window of the Genius


However, not every student uses their window to express their creativity – these students use it for calculations.

Gaia Breccia

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