TV vs Reality: How Accurate is Grown-ish compared to Chapman life?

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Everything looks better on tv!

Or does it?

Grown-ish, the new spinoff show from the hit series black-ish, follows the Johnson’s family eldest daughter Zoey, tackling typical challenges of college life from making friends to mastering her classes. Let’s see how Zoey’s life compares to ours.

Similarity: Class size

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One of the best things about Chapman are the intimate classroom sizes. The closeness between the teacher and the students is something that isn’t found at larger universities. Even though on the show Zoey is shown in only one traditional classroom setting it is a small one with about twenty students.

Difference: Diversity.

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The name of the university on the show is Cal U LA. Which can make the viewers guess that it is a school located in Los Angeles, which is known for its vast diversity, and, well, Chapman is known for its lack of diversity. There are no real statistics for this school but just by the classroom the viewers can see the diversity, whereas at Chapman it’s not as obvious. Since Chapman is a real school there are diversity statistics; 57.9% White, 14.2% Hispanic/Latino, 10.4% Asian, 1.4% Black, or African American, 0.4% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and 0.3% American Indian and Alaska Native.

Similarity: Partying.

Ok college is the best party time in anyone’s life, so why should Zoey’s be any different? Zoey is seen partying a few times on the show and let’s just say, there has to be some Chapman students that can relate.

Difference: Zoey’s room.

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Zoey’s room is huge, organized and just overall perfect. Its something that just isn’t possible on a college campus. I mean no one’s life is that put together, not in college anyway. Why do things have to look so much better on TV?

Similarity: Hot spots on campus.

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Every campus has a hot spot and dead spot. One of the hot spots on the Cal U campus is a place where the students seem to pop and lock together. And at Chapman the famous hot spot is the piazza, which holds most of the schools important and most fun ceremonies, like the Christmas fest.

Difference: The school has a bar.

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The show doesn’t go into much depth of Cal U’s cafeteria, but one thing is for sure, the campus has a bar. And at this bar, no one seems to complain about the food, which is something that we can’t say about Chapman’s cafeteria.

Similarity: We are more like Zoey than we think.

Throughout the show, Zoey is on a rollercoaster trying to navigate her way through her freshman year, meeting people and taking classes to get her dream job at Teen Vogue. She’s like most college students; she deals with heartbreak and the feeling of passing and failing classes, but more importantly just like us; she’s trying to make the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.


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