Thoughts students have while studying



This is stupid.

I really wish I didn’t have to study.

How long is this going to take?

Does this even matter?

I’m gonna forget all of this after I take the test anyways.

Ugh, I wish I had a photographic memory.

It’s fine, I got this.





This ain’t so bad. This is easy if anything.

I’m totally gonna ace this test.

Maybe I can watch TV while writing this essay.

I got time.

Alright I deserve a break.

I need a break.

Maybe a nap wouldn’t hurt.

Oh god, where did the hours in the day go?!




How was I asleep for three hours? I swear I was out for like five minutes.

It’s fine, I did most of my work—I’VE ONLY READ ONE PARAGRAPH?

Why did I wait until the day before this assignment was due to start working on it?

Don’t panic. Don’t panic.

Is taking an Adderall really as bad as everyone says??

Where can you even get Adderall? I don’t have a drug dealer.

Is it possible to OD on caffeine?

Of course, the day I miss class is the day everyone was taught EVERYTHING.




Why god, why.

Why did I choose this as my major.

I don’t want to do this.

I don’t want to read this chapter. It’s probably not going to be on the test anyway.

I wonder if any of my friends tagged me in memes recently.

No, stop. Pay attention.

Ugh, why did I wait so long to start studying????!!!



*googles* is sleeping with a book under your pillow to absorb information really a myth???

In the real world, I’ll always have access to google.

If I go to bed in 24 minutes, I’ll get exactly four hours of sleep.

I went through half the study guide, that’s enough right?

*calculates minimum percentage needed to still get an B in the class*

…Is my professor going to curve it?

Wait, we never learned this?!





That’s it. I should drop out of college and become a dolphin trainer.

Or a stripper.

I can marry rich.

Why do I have to learn this when I can hire someone to do it for me?

And did I really eat that entire bag of gummy bears??




Oh look, the sun is coming up.

And I just realized I’ve been staring at the same paragraph for the past four hours.

Kinda feel like I’m in that one SpongeBob episode.

Is it better to sleep for two hours or should I just power through?

It’s fine. Everything is going to be just fine.

I’ll just tell my mom that C’s get degrees.

Also, why am I helping you with this article when I should be studying?!




Contributors: Erin Crowder, Olivia Hosbein, Jennifer Johnson, Jayson King, Katarina Lehner, Laura Liegler, Emma Liegler, Ashley Musick, and Makenna Sewell.


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