Seven Signs You Can’t Wait to Move Out of the Dorms

The end of the year is approaching, which means it’s almost time to move out of the dorms! Here are seven things you’ll experience over the next couple months that will make you thankful to be in your own space for the summer!

1) You’re getting sick of finding someone else’s leftover laundry mixed in with yours every time you take your clothes out of the washing machine

Whether it’s a T-shirt or a pair of underwear, it’s uncomfortable either way.

2) You never get over it when your roommate invites a ton of people over and doesn’t bother to tell you

You thought you sorted this out during the first month of school, but apparently not.

3) You dread going to the caf because you know you’re just going to eat the same mediocre food as yesterday

Pasta for the fourth night in a row anyone?

4) You miss staying up as late as you want without disturbing your roommates

Seriously, how dare they go to bed before 11 p.m.? It’s college, no one does that.

5) You keep wanting to light a good smelling candle, but YOU CAN’T

Who doesn’t love a comforting scent while they’re trying (and failing) to study in their room?

6) You can’t stand looking at your roommates’ messes every time you walk into the room

Your room is small enough, now it seems even smaller with clothes, books, and God knows what else all over the floor!

7) All you want is to cuddle with your pet after the long school days

After dealing with roommates, school, and all your other responsibilities, you deserve it.


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Anna Wilson

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