March Madness Brackets Aren’t Only for Basketball

The March Madness season has ended and the hours spent looking over teams bracket are over, leaving room for the new social media fad of creating popular culture brackets.

Social media users have begun pitting various areas of popular culture against each other in March Madness style brackets. Users spend large amounts of time deciding, in their opinion, how to rank the hottest male celebrities or Disney’s best film, to name a few.

Seen all over Twitter and Instagram, the internet has now made a way for society to funnel mass amounts of cultural trivia into one opinion-based place.

The brackets offer students another distraction to focus less on school work and more on social media.

Junior business administration major Hannah Messner finds the popular culture brackets very amusing and a good break in her study hours.

“I need a break every now and then from studying, and now instead of scrolling aimlessly through Instagram or Facebook, I can do something different,” said Messner. “I enjoy filling them out and then comparing with friends.”

Junior psychology major Anneke Virk has also participated in the bracket craze.

“This has not distracted me from my school work and I am still keeping up with my studying,” Vrik said. “Like anything on social media, it is a distraction, but one that I would not say is affecting me in a negative way.”

None other than Disney Pixar started the bracket craze.

Another contentious debate is determining users’ next “Hollywood boyfriend”. College students were drawn to this bracket, especially Californians who have the odds of meeting said winners in their favor.

Of course, social media can’t forget about the most famous popular culture family out there: the Kardashians. The internet was in awe how no one had created a bracket for the fearsome family. According to The Cut magazine, the wait is over. A bracket has indeed been created.


Though this is an opinion based game, the competition can still cause uproar. What will be the one true Disney movie?  Or the hottest male celebrity in all of Hollywood?

In the era of social media and cell phones, March Madness has gained popularity not by the college basketball teams that play, but by their bracket structure.

Jackie Samuelsen

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