The Five Stages of Registration

It’s that time of the semester! The list of Fall 2018 classes is up, your MyChapman shopping cart is open, and you’re ready to put together a new schedule for next year. But, even when you’re genuinely interested in seeing what classes you can take next semester, there are often some complications that come along with coordinating them to best fit your needs. These five stages sum up almost all of our experiences with course registration.


There are so many classes to choose from! You feel a little dorky to admit it, but some of your required classes for your major (along with some of your GEs that you’ve put off) sound really cool. Into the shopping cart they go!


So, you may have gone a little crazy adding classes to your shopping cart, and now you’re realizing it’s impossible to fit all these classes into your schedule. Some are at the same time, some are back to back and you wouldn’t have time to eat, or (the worst of them all) they’re at night… Alright, time to reassess the situation.


You’ve now spent so much time rearranging your classes to fit a convenient schedule but also to fill your requirements that the excitement from Stage 1 is completely gone. You don’t even care about your classes anymore; you just want something tolerable.


Alright, you register in a few days and you’re feeling good, so you decide to go onto MyChapman to check the status of your desired classes. What you find is half of your classes with the dreaded yellow “waitlist” triangle next to them. WHAT?!?! You spent all this time crafting your perfect schedule, and now you may not even be able to get into the classes you want? UGH.


The day has come. You registered for all your classes, even the ones with those terrible triangles. At this point, you’re just ready to be done with it. You accept what’s happened, and reassure yourself that you’ll probably move up the waitlist once it gets closer to the start of the semester. And, if worse comes to worst, you can always change things around once the semester starts!


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Anna Wilson

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