Claire Bishara: Chapman Student and Artist featured at the Anaheim Garden Walk Gallery


Chapman student, Claire Bishara, was chosen out of approximately 15 other artists to paint a giant 17ft mural for the Anaheim GardenWalk outdoor entertainment and shopping center, which will be completed in May of this year.

Over the past two months Bishara has been completing her painting in her garage. “With school and working on other art pieces, it can be hard to find time to finish up my mural but it’s almost there!”

On Sept. 15, 2017 Bishara showcased her artwork at Anaheim GardenWalk’s 5th annual “Art on the Walk” event, where she was discovered by the director of the event, Robin Weeks-Wynne. She chose Bishara for her unique, eye-catching art style and gave her freedom to paint whatever she wanted. With this freedom, Bishara decided to paint something that is both colorful and in your face, so that people can’t miss it when they walk by. Bishara’s finished product will be a place to take pictures in front of and appreciate once it’s on display at the upper level of the Anaheim GardenWalk near the GardenWalk Gallery!

Marissa Sandoval & Kyle Rosin

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