Things We Wish Alexa Would Do For Us

Courtesy of Sydney Druckman


Amazon’s automated voice assistant, Alexa, has become a huge part of our lives. According to CNBC, this past holiday season Amazon sold millions of devices, the Echo Dot being a best-seller. Alexa can give us the news, play music, set reminders and send messages all by voice command. As cool and helpful as this may be, there are still a lot of things Alexa cannot do, that we really, really, really wish she could.


World peace

Bullock said it best.


Do our laundry

Three cheers for clean clothes!


Save us a parking spot in Lastinger

The struggle is real.


Register for our classes

No more last minute scrambling!


And, getting the classes we want



Pick out our outfits

Just think of all the time you’d save.


Write that midterm paper due on Turnitin by 11:59PM

While she’s at it, our exams too.


Break up with bae

Sorry, hun.


Make us breakfast

This way, more time to sleep!


Go to our 8 a.m. class and take notes

Or any class, really.


Pay off our student loans

Effective immediately.


Bring us puppies

C’mon, who doesn’t want a puppy.


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Sydney Druckman

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