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Taylor Davis. Photo by Lauren Belzer (@lobelz)

Since August, junior television and writing production major Taylor Davis, has been running her online clothing company, Tara in the Night. Davis knew that she wanted to create something special that identified with who she was as a young woman and allowed other girls to express who they were as well. “It is something that I feel is really important for me to identify who I am through my clothes,” Davis said. As a full time student, Davis discusses the challenges of managing a brand all by herself and having to deal with the rigorous academics of Chapman. “School comes first of course, but definitely whenever I have a free moment, that’s not school, I work on Tara as much as I can,” Davis said. With her new line of clothing from Tara in the Night out now called Desert Capsule, Davis hopes to expand her business and promote her clothes at the Coachella Music Festival in a few weeks.


Tara in the Night logo. Illustration by Taylor Davis

Where did the name Tara in the Night come from?

I knew I wanted part of my name in the title, and my middle name is Quitara, so I took the end part of that and then I wanted something more to it than just Tara. I looked up the meaning behind the name Tara, and found out that Tara is a kind of goddess who comes out of a lotus flower at night and watches over people. The Goddess Tara is a powerful and strong being and I knew that that is an important message to impact other women and when I wear clothes that make me feel like me, I feel more empowered in myself.


A model wearing a Tara in the Night Jacket. Photo by Taylor Davis

What was the moment in your life where you knew this was what you wanted to do?

When I was younger, my grandma had taught me how to sew and I instantly fell in love. I had made a jacket for my little in my sorority, and people started to come up to me and tell me how much they loved the jacket and how badly they wanted one. I had so much fun making them and it was something that I really enjoyed, so I thought it would be really great to get involved and start making this into something real. At the time, I also needed an internship for over the summer, and this was a great way for me to do something that I love.

Where do you get your inspiration for your clothes?

A large part of my inspiration comes from my life and the people around me. I am always researching upcoming fashion trends and brands. I think also one of the biggest things, is how vintage fashion is making a come back, but in a more modern way, so I really like incorporating those styles into my clothes as well.  


A model wearing a Tara in the Night Jacket. Photo by Taylor Davis

How do you exploit your clothing and come up with a price point?

All of my clothes are sold through my website online right now and I have also collaborated with the House of the Arts program at Chapman, to have pop up shops for my clothes, where students have been able to purchase some of the clothes in person. As for price point, I try and create a price point that is more on the affordable side. My prices range from $34 for a T-shirt to around $144 for a printed jean jacket. I try to look at it from my own point of view and think how much would I pay for something like this. I think the uniqueness and the individuality of my clothes also gives me an edge that can allow my items to be sold for a little more than you might find at a regular brand name store. 

What are some of your future goals for Tara in the Night?

Some of my goals are to start getting my clothes into some boutiques in Orange, Los Angeles, or on Melrose. A long term goal for myself is to have my own store or to be a brand in an already very known store, such as Urban Outfitters.


What has been your most valuable lesson while running this company?

The most valuable lesson that I have learned is how to budget and manage my time. Becoming more profitable especially within this last month, I have learned how to be realistic with accomplishing certain goals within a time period.

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