Students and Celebrities Frustrated with New Snapchat Design

Snapchat Times Square New York City Snapcode. Photo by Anthony Quintano

Snapchatters are so outraged by the new snapchat update the “angry face emoji” isn’t enough to express their frustration. In early February, Snapchat changed its design and now displays stories and friends on the same screen, potentially causing confusion or anger for frequent users.

The app still opens up to a camera view, but it is now more challenging to find friends and as a result, people are losing their “streaks,” which is when a snapchat user and someone on their friends list send at least one Snapchat to each other within 24 hours. It is also more difficult to view Stories; a stream of photos and videos posted on an individuals Snapchat account for 24 hours. This has caused an uproar with Snapchat users, as well as many influencers and celebrities; some even claim they will no longer use the app.

150 million users utilize Snapchat each day according to Bloomberg news, but now people wonder if Snapchat usage will decline.

Emily Ropicky, a freshman psychology major said she will no longer use the app due to its“awful” new design.

“I miss people’s stories because I get confused by the icons. There is no sliding page to see stories,” said Ropicky.

Remington Beno, junior strategic and corporate communications major diskes the update as well.

“It is unorganized, stories and personal snaps are mixed in, I am trying to get used to it, but now I am wondering if I even want the app at all,” Beno said. “People don’t like change!”

Stephanie Aiello, a junior public relations and advertising major notices the downfall of the app for celebrities.

“A lot of celebrities are losing touch with followers because their stories are not in a normal list, you have to go to a separate page. Because of this celebrities don’t feel like your “friends,” said Aiello. “It is not user friendly at all, you are not able to find people easily since your friends are not listed alphabetically. Not efficient.”

Aiello said that she uses the app less than she used to but still has it downloaded on her phone.

Celebrities also have negative criticisms about the new update.  

American model Chrissy Teigen tweeted on February 9th about her frustration with the update stating that she enjoyed feeling like her followers were friends. On March 24, she tweeted that she no longer uses Snapchat.

On February 21st Kylie Jenner tweeted that she no longer opens Snapchat and the tweet got more than 75,500 retweets. Despite everyone’s complaints about the new update, Snapchat usage only went down by 0.1 percent in February,  according to a U.S. News & World Report article.

Even though usage is only marginally down, Snapchat’s stock has plummeted since Jenner’s tweet. The Snapchat stock went down 6% after Kylie Jenner tweeted about the update, which resulted in a 1.3 billion dollar loss in the companies market value, according to Cable News Network in the article titled, “Snapchat stock loses $1.3 billion after Kylie Jenner tweet.”

Snapchat users created a petition on, requesting that Snapchat remove the new update. This petition has garnered over 1.2 million signatures.

A CNN ‘Money’ article detailed how the company responded to criticisms of the new update on by stating that they will be releasing a new update to make it easier for users to find their Stories.

Jackie Samuelsen and Katie Whitman

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