Self Expression Through Laptop Stickers is Officially “A Thing” On Campus

Students at Chapman use laptop stickers to give a visual nod to their favorite musicians, their hometowns, what brands they are loyal to, and so much more.

Young adults decorate their laptops with stickers for a variety of reasons, according to Susan Scheiberg, former research librarian at UCLA, in her paper “Emotions on Display” in the American Behavioral Scientist. Scheiberg said that the decoration of personal items provides “an unconscious outlet for emotions that otherwise might not have the chance to be expressed.”

Here are some Panthers with stylin’ laptops who explain how they chose their stickers and the importance of their personal decorations.


Maya Hull

Year: freshman

Major: business administration

“My favorite stickers are the backpack and the world map. I think that they both have very positive goals and memories tied with them. These stickers are a great reminder of big dreams of mine. I also get asked about Oregon a ton from my laptop. Sometimes it throws me off when someone asks me what part of Oregon I’m from. I’m always confused how they know, until I realize my laptop clearly says it.”


Madeline Chew

Year: junior

Major: biological sciences

“All of my stickers are very colorful, which I think is a visual representation of my personality. My favorite sticker is the sunflower with a DNA stem because it is an artistic representation of how science is the foundation of life on earth. As a biology major, it also represents my love for science and learning about the world around me.”


Ellie Karayan

Year: sophomore

Major: business administration

“These stickers absolutely represent me! My favorite is my Austin, Texas sticker because it reminds me of home. Also, people compliment me on all of my meme references all the time!”


Hugh Jones

Year: sophomore

Major: psychology

“They were either free or they are things I’m interested in.”


Tessa Lepore

Year: senior

Major: history

“I got all of the stickers from RedBubble. My hometown is Las Vegas and I love Game of Thrones and Disney. I also have my sorority and I go to Chapman. The continent sticker is because I love to travel.”


Tanya Vaghela

Year: freshman

Major: business administration

“I love Bob’s Burgers and coffee. I got the skyline of London sticker because that’s where my family is and I love it there. I’m also huge on women empowerment, those are the mottos I live by. The cactus and the Disney sticker add an aesthetic look.”


Lindsey Hill

Year: junior

Major: strategic and corporate communication

“Some stickers I chose purely for aesthetic, while others I chose because they had a certain reference I like or had to do with myself. I have a cross showing the importance of my faith. I have my Sundance and La La Land sticker representing my love for film. Also I’ll get people asking me where I got them which will lead to me raving about how much I love RedBubble!”


Erin Coogan

Year: freshman

Major: broadcast journalism

“I like my laptop, it has a very cool and vibey look. The stickers came together in a bundle. I like Vans and YouTube, but I don’t really like Star Wars.”


Nathan Seidman

Year: freshman

Major: business administration

“I got phrases that I thought were funny. The stickers talking about dogs are because I love dogs. The bear and the palm trees represent California, where I’m from. I am in Young Life and I love the brands Lululemon and Champion.”

These students all differ in age and major, but they’ve all decorated their laptops with interests, hobbies, references to their hometowns, and life mottos. These stickers allow students to reflect on the things they love most in life and take those things with them wherever they bring their laptops.


Photos Courtesy of Anna Wilson. 

Anna Wilson & Aja Mount

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  1. I love what you mentioned about students decorating their laptops to express their interests, hobbies, mottos, and geographical histories. My daughter is going to college this fall, and my husband and I are getting her a laptop for her birthday before she goes. I’ll have to start looking for some great stickers for her to put on it!

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