Five Tips to Keep You Motivated
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Here are tips to help you feel motivated when you don’t feel like it anymore.

Motivation comes in two forms, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation occurs when you push and inspire yourself. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation takes places when outside sources and factors prompt action. It has less to do with yourself, and more to do with others and social pressure. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, intrinsically or extrinsically, because you remember that college is a FOUR-year thing. That’s okay, graduation may feel like a million years away.  But before you know it you’ll be throwing that cap up, unless of course you had one too many slumps in your college careers. Don’t worry though! We have just the thing to help pull you out before it’s too late! Dr. Daniel Chambliss is a professor of sociology from Hamilton College, in New York, and an award-winning author who provides a few helpful tips on motivation for when you feel notoriously O-V-E-R I-T.

1. Surrounding Yourself with Motivated People

The best way to motivate yourself is to “spend time with people who are exciting and encouraging, and other students who are into their work and like to do it.” On-campus engagements, clubs, sports, and Greek life events are all ways to “find a group of folks who love doing it and try to spend time with them…

Motivating yourself, if people around you aren’t motivated, its really hard.”
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2. Perfecting a Routine

Make a date everyday with yourself to start your homework at the same time. Routinizing your homework helps you tackle it because it makes you more efficient and reduces procrastination.    “The trick here is to turn some chunk of work—it doesn’t have to be lots – into a steady habit that, once established, seems like the ‘normal’ way to be,” he says.

3. Asking for Support

Support can be sourced from family, close friends, and those who you can depend on. Dr. Chambliss says “Roommates are crucial…you can work together, at the same time every day, and keep each other honest. Or a ‘study buddy’ whose motivation will supplement yours.” You need to have the right mindset, as well as the “let’s do this together attitude.”

4.Taking Action

Getting your work done in a timely matter and providing yourself structure will ensure success. According to Dr. Chambliss, “If you get on a good schedule, supported by others, of doing your work regularly, pretty soon you’ll start improving a lot, and will feel more positive.”  Improvement could be through your studies on campus or extracurricular activities. A positive mindset is the result of positive behavior. “DO the stuff that produces positivity; you don’t have to just try to THINK IT” he stresses. In the end, you control how you feel and have the power and strength to be efficient and focused.


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5. Seeing the Bigger Picture

Don’t forget what all your hard work, time, and money has been going toward the past four years. Remember your career, ambitions, and life goals.  According to NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition, college hiring will increase by four percent as compared to last year. 81 percent of the class of 2016 were employed or were motivated to pursue higher education.

It’s time to get work done! Hellooo, motivation station!

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Chambliss, his website will be listed below.



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