The Daylight Saving Time Checklist

Daylight saving time is coming for you March 11.  Here are five steps you can take towards a safer and more informed time shift.

1. Realize You’ve Been Living a Lie

Saying “daylight savings time” is wrong. It’s really daylight saving time. No one knows exactly how or when “savings” got the extra “s”, but it’s an American, Canadian and Australian colloquialism

2. Change Your Sleep Schedule

It’s government mandated jet lag, but with a little planning, you can avoid it. Going to sleep around 20 minutes early in the days before the time shift is the method that The National Sleep Foundation recommends.

3. Remain in your Safe Room

When time springs forward you’d better watch your back. All accidental deaths increase by 6.5 percent after the time change according to a 1996 analysis. Another study, published in 2016, found the same 6.5 percent increase in fatal car accidents for the first six days following the start of daylight saving time.

4. Petition

End this ridiculous, confusing practice! Daylight saving time is a 234-year-old joke and we’re the punchline. Benjamin Franklin proposed it sarcastically in his essay, “An Economical Project,” saying that it would save France money. Well, It only saves California 0.18 percent of its energy usage according to the California Energy Commission. Petitions like “END DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME,” with over a hundred thousand signatures, could be our best bet in preventing year-round standard time states like Arizona and Hawaii from laughing at our dysfunction.

5. Cherish Your Extra Hour of Light

You should have spent your first day’s extra hour signing the petition multiple times and preparing your safe room. The second day and on, the possibilities are endless.

Julien Khvang

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