5 insta-worthy places on campus

Stepping up your Instagram game doesn’t require professional equipment or exotic locations all you need is an appealing background and some natural lighting. One to two hours before sunset, venture to any of these five stunning on-campus locations for some Insta-worthy photos.


1. Bert Williams Mall

One of the most common places to take pictures is on the Chapman University sign in front of the Bert Williams Mall. It is a Chapman tradition for students to take their picture in front of this sign when they committed to attending Chapman.


2. Beckman Hall

The fourth floor of Beckman Hall features large, intricate paintings that can easily be used as backgrounds for more artistic pictures.


3.  Argyros Forum

The patio on the fourth floor of Argyros Forum has some aesthetically-pleasing balconies that make for great elevation shots.


4.  Barrera Parking Structure

The parking lot behind the Law School offers beautiful city views. Depending on the angle, you can get great views of Chapman University and Orange, or Angel Stadium and Anaheim.


5.  Moulton Hall

A secret and more hidden location is behind Irvine Lecture Hall. You can find gorgeous vines against a white wall, making your image pop.


Gifs by Maddie Jacobs and Gaia Breccia.

Maddie Jacobs and Gaia Breccia

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