Chapman’s Most Unheard of Majors That Need Attention

Consisting of ten schools and colleges that specialize in catering to each individual’s desired educational path, Chapman provides its students with a diverse genre of majors. The following seven majors are among some of the most unique to Chapman and provide students with a wide range of post-graduation opportunities.

1. Animators Unite!

Who isn’t an avid fan of Frozen, The Jungle Book, or any popular Disney film? It’s hard not to want to take advantage of such an eccentric major. Students who study animation at Chapman will graduate on a path to becoming editors, animators, or texture painters. With state of the art equipment allowing students to design 2D or even 3D images and videos, your artistic skills will easily accentuate. Students will study motion, color, and story structure, combined with visual effects. Part of the Dodge School of Film and Media, this particular major stands out as one of the more obscure of its bunch, but don’t let the ambiguity hold you back from following your dreams of becoming the next Don Hahn! 

2. House Hunters

Business Administration, a popular major within Chapman’s Argyros School of Business and Economics, is full of the most typical majors for those pursuing a career as a financial advisor, company manager, or even a self-made business entrepreneur. What many are searching for, is the pathway to an affluent career in real estate. Sherina Mahtani, a sophomore real estate emphasis major, explains her experience with the program: “I have always known I wanted to get into real estate after living in New York City with beautiful buildings and hotels around me. I started my freshman year with a management emphasis because I wasn’t sure there even was a specific program for real estate. It’s been really great and inspiring.”  Students will take classes in marketing, finance, and business economics, to eventually find opportunities at large organizations and firms upon graduation.


3. Real-igion

Religion, if you were wondering, is a real major here at Chapman. Chapman’s Wilkinson college provides an incredibly concealed major that is ideal for providing students with the skill set needed to become a minister, teacher, lawyer, or even journalist: a major in religious studies. Courses that are required include: philosophy, theology, and ethics. The knowledge of religion embellishes an individuals understanding of history, politics, and culture. All of those years in Sunday school may finally come into handy! Take advantage of a truly heart opening major that will not only better yourself but your aspiring profession.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure…

Did you ever think you could major in creating stories? Fiction, adventure, romance, thriller, horror… you could be the one to create the next Harry Potter equivalent series. Creative writing is something many wouldn’t believe you could even major in, because it is such an enjoyable activity. Who doesn’t love getting wrapped up in a fabulous novel or keeping a journal? With this major, you can turn your most imaginative ideas into a reality. Individuals are put to hard work by taking comprehensive writing classes, participating in lectures, and contributing to workshop classes that will train and advance their writing skills. Students are able to explore many genres to finally help mold a structured template for their future writing endeavors.

5. Spin the Wheel 

By receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, you have the option to choose among painting, drawing, photography, and even sculpture. Many art majors take advantage of Chapman’s awe-inspiring studio-arts program to go on to become an artist, gallery owners, or art directors. Only a small percentage of students can tolerate the chalky feeling of dried clay, but those are the ones who appreciate a major in ceramics the most. Ceramics is an unheard of major since most are unaware that it is even offered. Freshman Helen Ogara, a fine arts major who is aspiring to make ceramics into a career. Helen speaks about her experience with the program and what it has taught her: “Ceramics is my escape. I am so grateful that I found a major that fulfills not only my artistic needs but my personal happiness.” Students take beginning level, intermediate, and advanced ceramics classes and work on building a portfolio that can be shown to future employers.

6. Teachers Pet

The Attallah College of Educational Studies offers a combined five-year bachelors program, called The MACI Program, for students who want to pursue education. Maggie Gallardo, a junior IES major, is coming to the end of her first semester in the MACI Program and shared her experience so far: “The classes are student-centered and the professors challenge me to think critically about teaching methods.” 

7. Bonjour!

Four years of a language? Four years of learning about another culture? Traveling to a foreign country for a semester? A French major, or any other language for that matter, offers an exclusive educational opportunity. Hannah Hutson, a sophomore double french and international business major, speaks on her experience as a French major: “I like French as a major because it shows how I’m able to think critically in another language and how I can interpret other cultures.” Some perks of this major are the classes offered and the study abroad opportunities. Hannah speaks about one of her favorite classes: “I took a class called french cooking where we made food and presented it to the class and then got to eat it after!”

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