Best Discounts for College Students


As college students we’re kept on a tight budget. We look for the best discounts. Well look no more, we have companies that understand our struggles and therefore give us a hand.

  1. Apple Music/ Spotify

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Both Apple Music and Spotify offer college students a special $4.99 subscription. The regular price for Apple Music and Spotify is $9.99. However, both companies give students a 50 percent discount!

2. Amtrack

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All you have to do is book at least 3 days in advance and you get to save 15 percent all year round. Amtrack trains also have free WiFi, and there’s nothing better than that!

3. FedEx

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FedEx offers students a 20-30 percent discount depending on the size of the packages. All you must do is show your student ID to receive the discount!

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon gives students a free six-month trial. All you have to do is enter your college (.edu) email address to receive full benefits. The company sends refunds to for to students who already have Amazon Prime accounts during the trial period! Thanks, Amazon!

5. HBO Go

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HBO Go lets students stream T.V. and movies free and without any cable connection for a month. This can be accessed off of any phone, tablet, and laptop!

6. Tacos Garcia

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Authentic tacos Al pastor and wet burritos taste so much better at 20 percent off. Tacos Garcia, only half a mile away from the dorms, located at 918 N Glassell Street. Students can savor the savings Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

7. Jersey Mike’s Subs and Subway Cafe 

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Hankering for a hoagie? At any Jersey Mike’s Subs location students can get any normal sized sandwich, chips and a drink for $8.99, or for a five-inch in place of the seven-inch regular, pay $6.99. The same combos without this discount could end up costing $11.24 and $9.44 respectively. The  Subway Cafe on the corner of Glassell Street and Walnut Avenue provides, to Chapman students, a choice of chips, cookie or drink free with the purchase of a sandwich  

8. The Factory Bouldering

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Get a full body workout learning to climb mountains bare handed and without ropes. The Factory Bouldering accommodates for beginners and experts alike. For past and prospective frequenters of the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall, this venue carries a wider variety of courses. It is the closest climbing gym to campus aside from the school’s own. Students save $4.00 with a day of climbing and shoe rentals for $15.00 when compared to the second cheapest gym in the area Rock City Climbing. Although, monthly and annual membership is much cheaper at Rock City Climbing.

9. The Converse Factory Store

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Break in some new shoes and out into dance because there’s a 10 percent discount for students on all purchases at The Converse Factory Store. It’s situated on the north side of The Outlets at Orange.

10. Century Stadium 25

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While there is a theater in the Outlets Mall, the AMC Orange 30, and it does have a student discount, Century Stadium 25 on Katella Avenue gives a much better rate to students. Century’s $8.50 ticket blows  AMC’s $12.09 out of the water.

11. LACMA and the Bowers Museum

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Maybe you want to get cultured or maybe you just prefer your images solitary. In either case, both LACMA and the Bowers Museum have plenty of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts to impress with. At The Bowers Museum, $3.00 are saved on students’ tickets–that’s $10.00 on weekdays and $12.00 on weekend general admission tickets. Students save $4.00 on either their $16.00 or $21.00 LACMA general admission tickets depending on if they live in L.A. County or not. However, the savings at LACMA don’t end there. Students get 10 percent off at the gift shop and annual passes are 50 percent off. It goes from $60.00 down to $30.00.  

12. Kistler’s Hair Salon

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There are plenty of discounts for students to be found around the circle. When they aren’t in pizza joints like Zito’s Pizza and Pizza Press they can show up in places like Kistler’s Hair Salon where students receive 30 percent off their haircuts.

Rachael Kaufhold & Julien Khvang

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